Record of femicides in Ecuador: a woman was murdered every 26 hours in 2022

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There were a total of 332 in the year. More than half of the murderers had some sentimental relationship with their victims

Record of femicide in Ecuador: a woman was murdered every 26 hours in 2022


Yalilé LoaizaFrom Quito

Record of femicides in Ecuador: a woman was murdered every 26 hours in 2022

Every year, thousands of Ecuadorian women claim for femicides committed in the country. (REUTERS/Karen Toro)

Ecuador is an increasingly violent country towards women. The Feminist Alliance for the Mapping of Femicides revealed that in 2022 there were 332 femicidesin the country, the highest figure recorded since 2014. These data indicate that in Ecuador a woman was murdered every 26 hours.

The most young was 3 months old; and, the oldest, was 84 years old, demonstrating that gender-based violence against women spans the entire life cycle. Of the victims, 14 women were pregnant. Also, 4 out of 10 victims were mothers, according to the information available. It is estimated that at least 245 sons and daughters were orphaned in 2022, according to information issued in an infographic and a statement from the Alliance.

The data is collected by different organizations of women who are in charge of mapping the new cases of femicide in the country, therefore the figure presented could differ from the official data.

Record of femicide in Ecuador: a woman was murdered every 26 hours in 2022

332 women were murdered in Ecuador during 2022. (Feminist Alliance for Femicide Mapping)< p class="paragraph">In 2022 there were 332 cases, surpassing 2021, when there were 197 femicides; in 2020, 118 were registered; in 2019, 106; in 2018, 88; and in 2017, 153, according to figures from social organizations.

Each figure is a life taken away”, has warned Fundación Aldea, whose president Geraldine Guerra, indicated that in the last two years femicides have occurred in contexts of greater danger related to criminal economies, territory disputes between drug-criminal gangs, high prevalence of criminality and misogynistic forms against life and bodies.

Of the 332 femicides: 134 were intimate femicides (committed by the victim's partner), family(by a family member), sexual (where the victim was tortured and raped) or otherwise; 9 correspond to trans femicides and 189 femicides were due to organized crime.

Likewise, of the 332 women murdered in 2022, at least 48 reported a history of violence, 9 had protection certificates, 16 of them were previously victims of sexual violence, and 25 were reported missing.

In Quito, a march took place after learning about the death of María Belén Bernal. The protesters sang Canción Sin Miedo, a feminist anthem.

The majority of women victims of femicide in 2022 (311) were Ecuadorian, 9 were Venezuelan, 5 were Colombian and one of the victims was from Peru . In addition, 26 were Afro-descendants, 14 indigenous and 276 mestizas.

It was recorded that 22 femicides, that is, those who committed the crime, committed suicide after murdering the women. There were also 3 failed suicide attempts. 51% of the femicides had some sentimental relationship with the women they murdered. In six out of 10 cases, the femicide used a firearm to murder a woman.

According to the Alliance, the provinces with the highest number of cases were < b>Guayas, Manabí and Esmeraldas, all on the Ecuadorian coast. In December (47), April (38), October (34) and July (33), they were the months with the most femicides in 2022.

“We demand that the competent authorities, both at the national and local levels, that generate effective actions to prevent violence against women, at least in the cantons where the highest incidence is recorded,” Guerra said during the event where the data was presented in Quito.

Record of femicides in Ecuador: a woman was murdered every 26 hours in 2022

Family and friends of the disappeared persons in Ecuador during a march in Quito. (Photo: Asfadec).

The “mother courage” also participated in the meeting with the media, as mothers who have lost their daughters and who fight for justice, memory and reparation are called .

At the event, Mayra Tirira, from the Surkuna foundation, also reminded the government that it must serve the families of the victims of femicide with the bonds which he promised as well as reparation measures.

One ​​of the femicides that shocked and outraged Ecuador in 2022 was the murder of María Belén Bernal at the hands of of her husband Germán Cáceres, then lieutenant and instructor at the Quito Police School, who strangled her after beating her in her bedroom at that police station.

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