Real Sociedad – Athletic Club | League: Roberto Lpez delves into Athletic’s wound

    Real Sociedad – Athletic Club | League: Roberto Lpez delves into Athletic’s wound

    Summary 90 ‘Real Sociedad – Athletic Club J29

    Despus of the recent Cup final what happened in Anoeta between Real Sociedad and Athletic did not matter too much. Both knew that the vital confrontation between them was that of La Cartuja, but a derby is always a derby and winning the eternal rival is not another prize.

    The bodies in both sets were ‘hungover’. Some because of the joy and others because of how bruised they were after La Cartuja. And it was seen on the lawn of the Reale Arena. Well yes. Between injuries, inaccuracies and little rhythm, this was one of the most decaffeinated Basque derbies. Almost nothing happened in 84 minutes, beyond several muscle injuries and the Athletic tribute hall to Real.

    And when the 0-0 was considered good and that the memory of this game would be that of a boring one, two substitutes appeared to change everything. First Villalibre, who took advantage of a great center from Berenguer to put Marcelino’s men ahead and have the red-and-white redemption at hand. Bittersweet, but redemption after all.

    But this Athletic seems that nothing comes out. If the cruel defeat of La Cartuja was not enough, Roberto Lpez hurg into the wound of the eternal rival of Real with a center kick that poisoned them until they ended up in the Bilbao squad.

    In the end, after having it in hand, Athletic saw how Real returned to laugh the last one. The txuriurdin did not win, but when they had lost the derby the prize of the tie came to them. With the help of Unai Simn, everything has to be said.

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