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Real magic: a “portal” appeared in New York to connect with people on another continent

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Real magic: New York has a

"Portal" to connect with people/instagram

While directors of fantastic films and authors of books only imagine portals connecting the cities of the world, it suddenly became a reality. The first such art object between New York and Dublin has already been installed.

Art installation The Portal, created by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gilis, appeared on the streets of New York (USA) and Dublin (Ireland). It enables people to visually connect across 4,828 km. The Daily Mail writes about it.

The project was implemented with the support of the Flatiron NoMad Partnership. It is worth noting that it is currently not possible to move through the portal. At the same time, it allows people who are separated by almost 5 thousand kilometers to see each other and interact in real time.

It broadcasts silent videobetween New York's Flatiron South and North Earl Street in Dublin. The idea was “conceived as a testament to the power of art to overcome physical barriers.” “Portal” will be open until the fall of this year, and several cultural performances are planned before the installations in both cities.

We provide a meeting above all borders, all labels, and this invites us, the people, until the reunion, – emphasized Gilis.

Real magic: a

“Portal” to connect with people/instagram

The installation software is developed by Video Window, a British technology company. For this project, the company created a special API that protects the Portal from hacking and provides security during the constant transmission of video communication.

This is not the first installation from the organization, they have been building them since 2021. Initially, Portal connected Vilnius, Lithuania, Lublin, Poland. However, this is the first time the project has provided support across the ocean, connecting Dublin in Ireland and New York in the US.

Natasha Kumar

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