Real Madrid: Hazard hurries his return against Liverpool

    Real Madrid: Hazard hurries his return against Liverpool

    Hazard It was the surprise of the last session prior to the duel against Eibar. The Belgian joined the group on Friday and submitted his candidacy for enter the squad against Liverpool. Today has returned to work normally Along with the rest of his teammates in Madrid’s return to work and the plan to join the Champions League is still intact.

    Hazard seems to have left the last injury behind, muscle discomfort in the psoas that they have him out of combat since March 13, the same day that he returned from another physical setback, also muscular. A last injury that was close to taking him to the operating room, because the player was convinced that ankle problem It is the one that causes all the latest muscle injuries.

    Start again

    Having overcome the doubts about whether to operate or not, the Belgian has focused on recovering as soon as possible and is in a position to return to Liverpool, always depending on his feelings and the final decision of Zidane, who does not want any more scares and wants the Belgian to return when he is completely recovered and with the necessary confidence after so many blows suffered. In the last session tomorrow will be the time to decide, but everything points to his return.

    Would Hazard’s fifth return so far this season and with the club, wardrobe and technical desire that it be the definitive one and can help the team down the stretch with two titles at stake. A season marked by five injuries who has suffered and a positive for Covid that leave 7 white with a baggage of only 14 games played Until now.

    Carvajal, Ramos and Valverde

    Hazard is the only player who can recover Zidane against Liverpool, since Carvajal and Valverde worked on the turf in a specific way and Sergio Ramos He continues with his recovery process, according to the club’s website.

    The headlines against Éibar made continuous career and worked inside the facilities. The rest of the group performed exercises physical and activation work without the ball. Then they carried out possession and pressure series, and concluded the training with matches on small pitches.

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