Ready to pray and live in the day: Europe is getting ready to make winter without Russian gas

Ready to pray and live in the day: Europe is getting ready to make winter without Russian gas

In parallel with the war in Ukraine, Russia is placing its main importance on the allies of Kiev – gas blackmail. Movlyav, and dalі pіdtremuvatimete Kiev, get rid of the tax without gas.

It's like that qi threaten to partly die. Europeans are afraid to freeze the charge. The Russian gas valve is already a shutdown for Latvia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Poland. The streams to the other parts of Europe are running fast.

As France-Presse says, the supply of Russian gas to Europe has shrunk by about 70%, equal to the average. Europeans try to fix opir – alt=”Alt=”Alt=”Ridshe” alt=”Alt=”Ridshe pray and live in the day: Europe is getting ready to make winter without Russian gas” />

“KP in Ukraine” s & # 8217;showed, as Europe is getting ready to survive this winter in the minds of the Russian gas supply. the government of the European lands can name usir to post a post, nasampered, promiscuity. In France and Germany, orders are breaking up crisis plans in order to overcome what they can sacrifice for us.

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz publicly supported the continuation of the operation of three German nuclear power plants, as they were closed until the end of the year. Belgium has announced a decision on the phased introduction of nuclear power until 2025, extending the term of service of two reactors for ten years.

Ale and private savers also call out to save energy. Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Energy of the FRN Robert Habek, having pleased the Germans to do everything possible to speed up the energy, including changing the watering can for the soul, allowing them to save 30%. Vin also shared a special proof of savings, signifying that stained on the soul a little more p’yati hvilin.

in a moment, don’t drown the bribe, that it’s too early to go to work and turn around, but Khabek modestly adding that he doesn’t care for himself with the best butt, shards of the most famous names of his, the salary of the minister. In other words, let's forgive pensioners and people with a low income have a hard time through an energy crisis.

The Prime Minister of the Federal State of the FRN Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, started raising fire to the citizens for the sake of economy of electricity and gas, to take the soul to the point of rubbing it with a hairy ganchirka. Vin also recommended to burn at the booths only one living room. Prem & # 8217; єr rozpov_v, that a sleepy panel was installed on the daha yogo booth, for the help of which water is heated. Behind the words of Krechman, for the body it is heartbreaking “if the temperature is not the same in the booth.”

The head of the German Federal Merging Agency (BNA) Klaus Müller also wants to help the German people to save energy. On the other hand, at the time of the fence, the supply of Russian paliva reserves from the Nimechchina is less likely to grow until the end of summer, or the ear of the autumn of stream rock, after which the German gas pipelines will begin to fall. How do you respect Muller, so that the inhabitants of the region need to save energy in a new way.

– Nutrition about those who wish you, like before, need to take a hot shower this time for a day with gas scorched, & # 8211; happen to ask yourself again, – said the head of the Federal Merging Agency Nіmechchini. But you can still cause a problem, for him, like the chancellor of the FRN Olaf Scholz himself, having known, koristuyutsya soul of the day.

Winter in Crete and spend only at night

Krym tsygo, the capital of Nymechchini of the past tyzhnya, hand-paintedly includes the illumination of the monuments of architecture. Celebrations in Berlin are overflowing with unilluminated evenings, the list has over a dozen memorials, including the symbolic column of Peremoga. Before that, in Nimechchyna, municipal pools with hot water were already included. Only the first few, because through the short supply of Russian gas from the Nimechchina, it is necessary to speed up the recovery of electricity by 20%.

European supermarkets are running out of work, less stained with light. Spain and Italy have introduced a substitution for the temperature of air conditioners in municipal booths. Greeks ask German pensioners to winter in Crete. And the government of France calls for dishes near the cars not more often than once a day. In Italy, the cooling of the air-conditioner was reduced to 27°C near public mortgages. For damage – a fine of up to 3,000 euros.

At Paris and some other places in France, the Marys issued decrees, zgіdno z some shops, like vicorist air conditioners, fenced three doors and vіdchinenimi. Crimean tsygogo, France was tempted by the closure of the remaining coal-fired power plant and would like to build a new floating terminal for the storage of compressed gas (ZGG).

Crimea, the order of France announced a decree that would fence off any light advertising at night, and also expand the entire territory of the edge of the fence to trim the doors of the sorcerer's shops or shops with air conditioners.

Energetic control (ADEME), digital advertising RIDKRISKRISTAL EKRAN FLEASE 2M² Spray/year on RIK, SO Ekvyvaleno Moedgynoye disposal for the overtolenny of the Equate.

night year. In such a rank, they want to reduce the risk of turning on electricity in peak times. How to write Mіstsevі ZMI, the company Electricity System Operator (ESO) considers the possibility of “awarding” the British with small sums, as such good behavior is encouraged. The discounts can be as high as £6 (€7) per kilowatt/year, as the British don't charge for dishwashers, dryers or game consoles between 5pm and 8pm.