Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Alexe Frédéric Migneault begins a hunger strike on Monday in front of the offices of the Régie de l'assurance santé du Québec.

Ready to die to get your RAMQ card with its real gender marker

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Alexe Frédéric Migneault began his efforts almost three years ago.

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For almost three years, Alexe Frédéric has been trying to obtain a RAMQ card with the sex marker “X “, without success. This non-binary person says they are ready to stop eating until the insurance company grants their request.

Non-binary person: person whose gender identity falls outside the binary classification of male or female.

My will is notarized, our house is cleaned, everyone is aware. I'm going to do what's necessary, I'm not leaving here empty-handed, says Alexe Frédéric Migneault, who came on purpose from Montreal.

This is a fourth hunger strike for Alexe Frédéric who believes he has exhausted all avenues to make himself heard. Present on civil status documents since January 2023, the sex marker “X” is not yet used in many institutions and ministries, which represents a barrier to access to care health, deplores Alexe Frédéric.

It puts a lot of administrative and even human barriers between me, then the specialists, the doctors that I need to consult, indicates Alexe Frédéric, who claims to have to pay significant sums for medical care since ;iel has given up using his health insurance card.

The pronoun iel, formed from the pronouns he and she, is used in this text to reflect the gender identity of Alexe Frédéric Migneault. The agreements of adjectives and past participles are masculine according to the preferences expressed by Alexe Frédéric Migneault.

Alexe Frédéric Migneault believes that his situation demonstrates a lack of consideration towards the non-binary community and a misunderstanding of their needs. They [RAMQ, Editor's note] treat us as if we were aliens.

It's so arrogant of them to think they know what care I need. I'm here to get care, so I hope they will do their job.

A quote from Alexe Frédéric Migneault

Following their repeated attempts, they ended up obtaining from the RAMQ a temporary document called TT-19 which simply confirms their registration with Quebec health insurance without changing the sex marker. Ultimately, this creates errors in the request processing system and leads to administrative blockages, according to Alexe Frédéric Migneault.

They firmly believe in the importance of his gesture and remains optimistic. The bill that allowed us to obtain the The Superior Court said that the current situation is causing us unnecessary and unfair distress and problems.

In government, an interministerial committee has been working for months in order to produce guidance that will enable departments and agencies to properly manage changes related to Marker t border-solid py-4 children:w-full”>Tifa Bourjouane (View profile)Tifa BourjouaneFollow


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