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RCMP investigating knife attack in Chicoutimi restaurant

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Man is accused of attempted murder.

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) confirms that it is participating in the investigation into the events that occurred at the La Belle et la Bœuf restaurant, in last December, as first reported by La Presse.

Ahmed May is charged with attempted murder of three people. He is also accused of assaulting police officers and obstructing the work of peace officers.

The knife attack occurred in mid-afternoon last December 20. Employees were injured. The accused, aged 30, also worked at the restaurant.

The RCMP Integrated National Security Team (INST) is working with the Saguenay Police Service to see if there is a component linked to national security (terrorism) or not, we can read in a response sent by email.

These are Facebook publications by the accused promoting Hamas which would have raised the suspicions of the national police.

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Ahmed May's lawyer rejects the theory of a terrorist act and asks to avoid jumping to conclusions too quickly.

What is clear is that all of this is the result of a work climate that has worsened over the course of weeks and months. Obviously, there is nothing that excuses Mr. May's actions, but you will understand following the development of the investigation, and Mr. May will be able to provide explanations on what happened. ;has passed, maintains Nicolas Gagnon.

The investigation continues, and the RCMP is not granting any interviews for the moment.

Ahmed May must appear again at the Chicoutimi courthouse on Friday for his release hearing.

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