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cy Ot RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021 - The Times Hub

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

Home club would be saying too much, but Julian Nagelsmann was born near Augsburg and was already in the service of the FCA. On Friday he will open the 21st matchday in the Bundesliga with his Leipzig Bulls.  The  Fuggerstadters are a kind of favorite opponent for the RB coach, because as a coach he has never lost to FC Augsburg.

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In the table of the Bundesliga, Leipzig are seven points behind in second place and are basically the only remaining hunter of FC Bayern.  The  Saxons currently have exactly the same balance sheet as last year. Should they win against FCA, the Bulls would be even better off than they were last season. All in all in the match between RB Leipzig and Augsburg, the prognosis is towards a home win.

Julian Nagelsmann’s team has won both games this season, once in the Bundesliga and once in the DFB-Pokal, against Heiko Herrlich’s team. In addition, the home side are in much better shape than the opponent.

 The refore, in the first instance, there is not much to be said for placing a tip on a point win or even a victory for the guests in the game RB Leipzig against Augsburg.

RB Leipzig – Augsburg odds | 3 top tips

tip Quote Betting? risk
RB Leipzig -1,5 1.77

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

Win RB Leipzig 1.30

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

RB wins to zero 2.00

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021


* Betting odds as of: 02/11/2021, 6:53, 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

However, RasenBallsport has the Champions League round of 16 against Liverpool on Tuesday. This match has been casting its shadow for days because it cannot take place in the Red Bull Arena due to entry requirements from England, but has been moved to Budapest.

 The  people of Leipzig have to be careful not to think about Jürgen Klopp and his Reds on Friday and get involved with FC Augsburg.

Our RB Leipzig – Augsburg tip in the odds comparison

Betting odds as of: 02/12/2021, 9:09 pm* 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

RB Leipzig – statistics & current form

 The  cops from Leipzig are very difficult to analyze. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that Julian Nagelsmann rotates a lot. In addition, 15 different actors have already met with the Saxons. Above all, RB has the most dangerous defenders who have already scored eight times and are at the top of the league in this ranking.

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

Terms and conditions apply | 18+

Leipzig with the best Bundesliga defense

Overall, the bulls defense is the best in the league, because Leipzig has conceded the fewest goals in the Bundesliga and played most often to zero. Against this background, one should look at the odds for a home win for Saxony without conceding a goal in the odds comparison of the betting base before the game between RB Leipzig and Augsburg.

“Augsburg are a team that is very hard working in its own half and is counter-strong. We will have to be on our guard, but we are well prepared for it. “

Julian Nagelsmann

In general, the shape of the Leipziger is right, because RasenBallsport has won three of the last four Bundesliga games, all without conceding a goal. Last weekend the Bulls had the away game at Schalke in front of their chest, which they mastered with ease. Nordi Mukiele, Marcel Sabitzer and Willi Orban were the goal scorers in the safe 3-0 victory.

 The  lineup of the bulls will also largely depend on what Julian Nagelsmann plans to do against Liverpool on Tuesday. Emil Forsberg, Benjamin Henrichs, Konrad Laimer and Dominik Szoboszlai, all of whom are on the Bundesliga injured list, will definitely be missing. Whether Justin Kluivert will be back in the squad after recovering from an ankle injury will be decided at short notice.

Expected formation of RB Leipzig:Gulacsi – Klostermann, Upamecano, Orban – Mukiele, Sabitzer, Angelino, Dani Olmo, Haidara – Sörloth, Nkunku – Trainer: Nagelsmann

Last matches from RB Leipzig:

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

Augsburg – statistics & current form

 The  Augsburgers don’t have much to laugh about this calendar year. For a long time, the FCA was in the upper part of the midfield. In the meantime, the Bavarian Swabians may even have to worry about staying up in the league.

 The  cushion on the relegation place is just five points. In the calendar year 2021, only Schalke and Hertha did worse.

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Augsburg with five defeats from the last six games

In the Bundesliga, the FCA has lost five of the last six games. That doesn’t sound like a prediction of a point win by the guests would be appropriate between RB Leipzig and Augsburg.  The  Augsburgers have lost ten of the 20 games in the upper house this season.

 The  people of Fuggerstadt have never done worse.

“We stay calm, trust the trainer, who has absolute quality and a lot of experience.”

Stefan Reuter

Last weekend, FC Augsburg hosted VfL Wolfsburg, which is currently in great shape and was considered a favorite in our Bundesliga tips in advance.

 The  wolves lived up to this role in the WWK-Arena and won 2-0, deservedly. On Friday it should be a bit harder for the Augsburgers in Leipzig.

In terms of personnel, the Fuggerstadt residents are looking relatively good. With Iago and Jan Moravek, only two actors will not be available. It is still unclear whether Raphael Framberger and Alfred Finnbogason will be options for the squad again. It is conceivable that Heiko Herrlich will switch from a back four to a back three against the bulls in order to get more stability defensively.

Expected formation of Augsburg:Gikiewicz – Gumny, Gouweleeuw, Uduokhai, Pedersen – Strobl, Gruezo – Caligiuri, Benes, Hahn – Niederlechner – Trainer: Wonderful

Last matches from Augsburg:

RB Leipzig – Augsburg direct comparison / H2H record

 The  teams from RB Leipzig and FC Augsburg faced each other in 13 duels. In the first few years of these encounters, the people of Fuggerstadt were usually ahead. In the meantime, the Leipzigers are in a direct comparison with 7-3 wins and three draws ahead. In recent years, RB has clearly overtaken the FCA.

Leipzig most recently with five wins against Augsburg

 The  last five games all won the Leipzig. This season there was a 2-0 win in the Bundesliga for RB in Augsburg. Julian Nagelsmann’s team even won 3-0 away in the cup. Willi Orban, Yussuf Poulsen and Jose Angelino were the goal scorers. That sounds like the tip on a home win without conceding a goal in the duel between RB Leipzig and Augsburg could work.

Statistics highlights for

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

RB Leipzig against Augsburg

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

Wettbasis-Prognose &

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

RB Leipzig – Augsburg

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021


RB Leipzig is in good shape with three wins from four games.

 The  Bulls have also won the last five games against FCA, including this season in the Bundesliga and the DFB Cup. If the Saxons don’t already have Liverpool and the premier class in mind, not much should go wrong on Friday.

 The  Augsburgers currently have big problems. Stefan Reuter supports coach Heiko Herrlich, but a crisis cannot be overlooked among the people of Fuggerstadt.

 The  FCA has lost five of the last six games.

Key-Facts – RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg

    Leipzig won three of the last four Bundesliga games.
    Augsburg have lost five of their last six games in the upper house.
    Leipzig have won the last five games against Augsburg.

We can imagine that Augsburg won’t score against the best defense in the league. A bullish victory to zero or a handicap success appear possible – maybe even both in combination. We remain humble and play the odds between RB Leipzig and Augsburg on a handicap win (-1.5) for RB.

Our value tip:

RB wins to zeroat Bet365 to 2.00

Betting odds as of 02/11/2021, 6:53 am* 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

– best odds Bundesliga

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

victory RB Leipzig: 1.30 @InterwettenTie: 6:00 a.m. @ Bet365

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

victory Augsburg: 13.00 @Betsson

Odds probabilities for win RB Leipzig / draw / win Augsburg:

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

RB Leipzig – Augsburg

RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg tip, prognosis & odds 02/12/2021

– Betting odds * & other interesting bets at a glance:

Over / Under 2.5 goalsOver 2.5 goals: 1.57 @ Bet365Under 2.5 goals: 2.37 @ Bet365

Both teams meetJA: 2.05 @ Bet365NO: 1.70 @ Bet365

Betting odds as of 02/11/2021, 6:53 am* 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

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