Raúl Jimenez or Funes Mori, who did not deserve the place of Santiago Gimenez?

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Despite shining with Feyenoord and living a good time in the old continent, Santiago Gimenez failed to fill the eye of the coach of the Mexican team and in Instead, he chose to call Raúl Jiménez and Rogelio Funes Mori

Raúl Jiménez or Funes Mori, who did not deserve the place of Santiago Gimenez?

Raúl Jiménez and Funes Mori won the game against Santi Gimenez

A week before the start of a new edition of the World Cup, the coach of the Mexican team, Gerardo Martino, announced the official list of the 26 players who will represent Mexico in Qatar, highlighting the presence of e Raúl Jiménez or Rogelio Funes Morí, leaving out Santiago Gimenez, current Feyenoord striker and who is experiencing a good moment in his career.

Without being the exception and in order not to lose the habit during each call-up for a world cup, Gerardo “Tata” Martino He gave a lot to talk about after presenting his list of players that he will take to the World Cup. As soon as the aforementioned list was made official, the Mexican media and fans did not wait to criticize the absence of Santi Gimenez,player who, for many, is the Mexican striker who is currently experiencing the best moment and who, despite not being an undisputed starter with Feyenoord, registers six goals and two assists in 615 minutes played.

Currently, the son of “Chaco” GimenezHe is the current goalscorer in the Europa League with 4 goals, highlighting that in the 6 group stage matches, the Mexican started in only one game. It should be remembered that even before his arrival with the European team, Gimenez scored 5 goals in five games played with Cruz Azul at the beginning of the 2022 Opening; so it could be said that so far this season, already counting his participation with those from La Noria and now with “El club de Mosa”, he has accumulated 11 goals.

More In addition to the good moment that “El Bebote” is experiencing with the Dutch team, the questions regarding the Argentine strategist are due to the fact that he has given preference to soccer players like Raúl Jiménez orFunes Morí, attackers who are not going through the best stage of their careers and have even not played for more than two months due to injury.

The position and criticism are clear; How is it possible that they prefer to summon a Raúl Jiménez who is coming out of an injury and who clearly has no rhythm? Or, in the case of the “Mellizo”, why is he still giving way to an Argentine naturalized Mexican who only scored 5 goals in the entire Apertura 2022?. It should be remembered that throughout the World Cup qualifying process, both strikers were constant in the calls of the tricolor helmsman.

In the case of the “Mexican Wolf”, it is to highlight that his place in the national team has been respected or saved after not having played any official match since the end of August, this due to a hip injury. In total, the América youth squad barely records 297 minutes played this season and having only one score, which occurred in the FA Cup match against Preston North.

For his part, the Rayados de Monterrey attacker did not have the best of his seasons with the Mexican team, mainly due to a muscle injury that kept him from playing for 8 days of the regular tournament. In the end, the native of Mendoza managed to recover from his injury and regained some level for the tournament group, where he managed to score a goal during the quarterfinals against Cruz Azul. In total, Funes Morí scored 5 goals in 13 games played.

Raúl Jimenez or Funes Mori, who didn't deserve the place of Santiago Gimenez?

Funes Mori celebrating his goal with the tricolor prior to the Qatar World Cup (Photo: Twitter/misselection)

By numbers and statistics, it is clear that Santi is living a better moment and level than Raúl and Rogelio; However, Martino remained firm with his ideology and gave preference to his two usual center forwards. For many, the presence of the man born in Tepeji del Río is based more on a matter of hierarchy and respect for his long career in the national team; while the matter with Funes Morí , goes more for a matter of preference for his origins as Argentine, nationality that the helmsman of the tricolor has.