Ratched season 1: several main characters almost died

Ratched season 1: several main characters almost died

Ratched season 1: several main characters almost died

Ratched: season 1 almost was much more deadly Available since September 18 on Netflix, the series Ratched with Sarah Paulson continues to attract subscribers since it is still in the top 10 of the most viewed programs on the platform in France . A season 2 is already assured but did you know that season 1 was almost EVEN more deadly? It is Cynthia Nixon aka Gwendolyn Briggs who unveiled it. Warning, spoilers.

Season 1 has been fatal for more than one patient of Mildred Ratched in the series named after her heroine. The nurse played by Sarah Paulson conducted her experiments and captivated many Netflix subscribers. But the series was almost very different: several main characters could have died! Find out which ones.

Cynthia Nixon reveals that Gwendolyn had to die (and she's not the only one)

Interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, Cynthia Nixon revealed that her character was originally supposed to die in season 1 of Ratched which could have a total of 4 seasons. The ex- Sex and The City star says: ” I was only hired for a year because they had to kill me at the end. I thought it was going to be a tragic love story where I would die in the end. of season 1. But that didn't happen “. If Gwendolyn has lived through unfortunate events like her cancer or her gunshot wound, she managed to get out of it without being killed and so it's a bit of an achievement!

But this is not the only character who had to pass there according to Cynthia Nixon. The actress also explains that Ryan Murphy and the Ratched team had considered killing other characters. ” I think they wanted to kill Judy Davis (who plays Betsy Bucket, editor's note) and also Finn Wittrock (Edmund Tolleson). I think they decided they liked having us, ” says the star. Who knows, maybe death will come for them in season 2, already in preparation for Netflix. Tremble!

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