Ratched: Jon Jon Briones (Dr. Hanover) had to lobotomize his own son

Ratched: Jon Jon Briones (Dr. Hanover) had to lobotomize his own son

Ratched: Jon Jon Briones (Dr. Hanover) had to lobotomize his own son

See slide Jon Jon Briones (Ratched) on his role as Dr. Hanover: “Oh my God, I have to lobotomize my son” After “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” and “Versace American Crime Story”, Jon Jon Briones holds the one of the main roles in Ryan Murphy's new series, “Ratched”. He plays Dr Richard Hanover, director of the Lucia State Psychiatric Hospital, who indulges in disturbing experiments. He notably had to lobotomize his own son …

Ryan Murphy must be gloating. This Friday, September 18, two of his series landed on Netflix, namely American Horror Story 1984, broadcast a year ago on FX and Ratched, a Hitchcockian prequel to the book Flight over a cuckoo's nest (Ken Kesey ). This one centers on the cruel and creepy nurse Mildred Ratched played by Sarah Paulson. If, as usual, she is masterful in this role, Jon Jon Briones also stands out. After playing in American Horror Story: Apocalypse and in Versace American Crime Story , where he plays the father of serial killer Andrew Cunanan, this time he plays Dr. Richard Hanover, director of Lucia State Hospital, a recognized psychiatric hospital in Caroline from the North, but renowned for his novel and disturbing brain experiments.

Jon Jon Briones opens up about his role as Dr. Hanover in Ratched

A role for which he is grateful. In an interview with Entertainment, the actor from the Philippines said, “This is the first time I've played one of the lead roles in a series and made him [Ryan Murphy] trust me, that's the is a big compliment. “ While his character must perform lobotomies, he must have learned about this practice. “I heard about it, but I didn't really realize what it entailed. As I did my research, I was like, 'Oh my God, that was a real method of treating patients back then', and I couldn't believe it. “ . He adds: “When we were training, I had to remind myself to bail out my emotions because it's difficult when your imagination takes over .

“Oh my God, I have to lobotomize my son”

Where it got even harder was when he learned that one of his patients on the show was played by his own son. “I was like 'Oh my God I have to lobotomize my son'”. And for good reason, Teo Briones, 15, plays the character of Peter in 3 episodes, a teenager interned by his parents because he was too often in the moon. Aged 15, the boy is not his first acting role: he played Malcolm Cutler in Pretty Little Liars (2010) and Timmy Bernardi in the series Days and Lives . After a few appearances in series such as Stalker, Longmire or the Lethal Weapon , he is showing in the film Wind River in 2017. We have to believe that it is in the family since his sister Isa Briones is also known in the world of music and cinema …

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