Ratched: 4 seasons planned by Ryan Murphy? Sarah Paulson confides

Ratched: 4 seasons planned by Ryan Murphy? Sarah Paulson confides

Ratched: 4 seasons planned by Ryan Murphy? Sarah Paulson confides

Ratched: 4 seasons planned by Ryan Murphy? Sarah Paulson opens up Nurse Ratched Mildred hasn't said her last word. If we know that a season 2 of Ryan Murphy's series unveiled on September 18 on Netflix has already been ordered, it may well be that it is not the last. Sarah Paulson said there could be up to 4 seasons!

Unveiled on September 18 on Netflix, Ratched has won over many viewers. This Hitchcockian prequel to the book Flight Over a Cuckoo's Nest (Ken Kesey) directed by Ryan Murphy centers around the character of Mildred Ratched, a cold nurse played by Sarah Paulson. Will we see the rest of his story? Well yes since a season 2 has already been ordered by Netflix! And it is far from over since, according to Sarah Paulson, Ryan Murphy would have completely planned 4 seasons. “I hope the audience response to Ratched will be good, because in fact the goal, in Ryan Murphy's mind, is to span the series over 4 seasons.” , she confided in an interview with Premiere.

4 seasons planned for Ratched?

What awaited his character in season 2? The actress explains that he has as an idea to arrive at the Mildred Ratched of the time of Flight over a Cuckoo's nest (editor's note: played by Louise Fletcher in the 1975 film), during the fourth and final year. Except that we wouldn't see her in the hospital, but outside of work, at home, in her private life, in parallel with Flight over a cuckoo's nest. That's the plan. . After that, that can change, everything evolves often, structurally speaking, in Ryan's mind. But we can say that we know more or less where the story is going, we have this focus. I found that. very interesting to know the end, which it will be in the 1970s. It remains to be seen how she will become this person! “.

Mildred Ratched even colder and more ruthless?

Will she become even colder and more ruthless? That's a complicated question for the actress, who explained why in The Wrap: “From my perspective, the things she does in Flight Over a Cuckoo's Nest are actually the result of a woman. – in my opinion, this is just my opinion – of a woman who is the product of a patriarchal infrastructure internal to the hospital, who does what she believes is right and right and who are choices and decisions focused on what she knew at the time of how to treat patients with mental illness. ” While she disagrees with these choices, she acknowledges that they were often “considered and made at the time . In short, she concludes: “The more the series advances, the more we will discover other facets of her, other trials and how that will inform her future”.

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