Rashists take out Crimean Tatars after searches (video)

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Rashists evacuate Crimean Tatars after searches (video)

Russian security forces from the Kremlin special services broke in at night to the houses of Crimean Tatars with machine guns for conducting searches, as a result of which they took six men in an unknown direction, one of them was accused of terrorism, Crimean Solidarity reported.

This happened in the Dzhankoy district. Now it is known about six detainees, who, according to preliminary information, were taken to the Crimean Federal Security Service, but the exact location of the men is unknown.

According to “Crimean Solidarity” searches and detentions took place in the houses of:

  • Ekrema Krosha (Blizkogorodskoye village) – brother of political prisoner Enver Krosh;
  • Ayder Asanov (Timofeevka village);
  • Refat Seydametov (Timofeevka village);
  • Osman Abdurazakov (Dneprovka village) – brother of political prisoner Edem Bekirov;
  • Leman Zekiryaev (Dzhankoy);
  • Khalil Mambetova (Dzhankoy);

"At 4 am there was a knock on our door. We didn't want to open the door. The husband got scared and called his father. Then they started calling Ayder, we got scared and opened the door, a whole house of people in masks burst in, riot police with machine guns. They put him on the floor, started kicking him. They locked me and the children in a room, took away all the phones. We had a man with a machine gun, they locked us in the room, they said that there would be a search. They said: “Everyone will say: later, they will explain everything later.” They began to walk around the house, scatter everything, search. They were treated rudely", – said the wife of Ayder Asanov.

Rashists take Crimean Tatars out after searches (video)

She also added that some books were planted on them and her husband was accused of participating in a sect. A similar story was described by his wife Refet Seydametova, in whose house the books also came from nowhere. “Rashists take out Crimean Tatars after searches (video)” />

Rashists evacuate Crimean Tatars after searches (video)

"Suddenly, they started knocking at 4 in the morning. The husband went to open the door. 10 people came in, 10 hulks with weapons. They asked the children to stand up. My knees started shaking… We went everywhere to inspect everything, they started asking for documents to show everyone, the children's documents, ours. Then they began to pick in the rooms, turn everything over. They climbed in the kitchen, climbed in the cabinets, in the rooms they turned everything over the mattresses, things. We have laminate flooring in the living room. They said: “Here you have some books.” The husband says, “These are not my books.” “No, – says – yours.” In general, they started taking pictures of it all, planted it,” – Ekrema Krosha Amide told reporters

The Russians did not show the spouses a court order on the search, but said that Ekrema Krosh would be taken away under article 205 – for terrorism.< /p>

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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