Rashist told his girlfriend how he marauders

Rashist told his girlfriend how he marauders

The Russian occupier told his girlfriend how he marauders

Russian invaders are not shy about telling their relatives and know how looting is done in Ukraine.

According to another interception of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, the occupier tells his girlfriend how he loots in the captured settlements and laughs at those who are embarrassed to do it.

"They still do not have the conscience to take something away from someone. They send me. I just. At the beginning of a business trip: well, well, here's your phone for me … Come here, nah … (quickly.) Do you have spoons zae … (good ones)? I also take spoons. And here is the car. Do you have any keys?

I go right up to the house and knock. Is there anyone? I'll start shooting now – yes, we are all leaving. More phones needed to be dialed. I just hung up the phone. I have oh… (very good) Huawei. When I got into the taste, I liked it so much. Just enter any house. Yes, hello. Come out, please. I'll take something.”

Composed by: Nina Petrovich