Rare Amphicar 770 convertible amphibious to be auctioned

Rare Amphicar 770 convertible amphibious to be auctioned

The auction will sell the rare Amphicar 770 amphibious convertible, with the auction scheduled for October 15th. The model rolled off the assembly line back in 1967.

Rare Amphicar 770 convertible amphibian to be auctioned

The event is organized by the Mecum auction house. The peculiarity of the car is not only in its characteristics and appearance, but also in the fact that the manufacturer has produced only 800 copies of such amphibious convertibles. The car is in good condition, steel is used in the body, while no traces of rust are observed, as reported by the seller. The Amphicar 770 has a soft convertible top, but it must be raised / lowered manually. The car will accommodate four people; red leather combined with white was used in the interior trim. Of the notable options, except the presence of a radio from Motorola.

On land, the convertible accelerates to 120 km / h, which is possible due to the 1.15-liter engine generating 38 hp. The transmission is a four-speed manual transmission. Movement through the water is provided by two propellers at the rear, top speed is 12 km / h.

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