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Rapper Alyona Alyona celebrated her 33rd birthday at the front: held a concert

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

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One of the representatives of Ukraine at Eurovision 2024, Ukrainian rapper alyona alyona, celebrated her birthday at the front. She decided to dedicate this day to those to whom she owes her life.

On this special day, Alyona Alyona went to the front together with the “Cultural Landing”. The rapper performed for the Ukrainian defenders on her 33rd birthday.

The singer for “ZhVL presents” explained that she owes the defenders that she is able to live peacefully and engage in creativity.

I want to spend my birthday with performances with the “Cultural Landing” for the military at the front, in the front-line zone. I owe it to the military that this birthday is happening. I want to bring them my “thank you” for the fact that I am alive and have the opportunity to create and live on. It is important for me to be there on this day, the artist shared.

Also, alyona alyona addressed the fans with an important request. The performer asked everyone who wants to congratulate her to donate funds for electronic warfare equipment.

The best gift for me will be your donation for the collection of electronic warfare equipment. Any donation you make is very, very important, even a few hryvnias, because there are no small donations! – the artist addressed the fans.

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