Rape, murder, and organ trader…the fall of the smuggling leader in Libya

September 12, 2021 by archyde

The crime gangs behind human trafficking, migrant smuggling, torture and extortion have received LibyaA painful blow, after revealing the most prominent leaders of smugglers wanted on charges of smuggling and killing migrants and trafficking in their organs.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor in Libya said that members of the 444th Combat Brigade were able to arrest and bring in a Somali citizen named Hassan Qidi, who is accused of leading and managing an organized network that leads illegal immigration and human trafficking operations.

He also added in a statement late yesterday evening, Saturday, that “my restriction deliberately killed dozens of migrants for trafficking in their organs, sexually assaulted a number of female migrants under threat, and detained the migrants’ freedom and subjected them to cruel treatment to force their families to pay sums of money for their release.”

Victims’ testimony

Also, Attorney General Saddik directed Al-Sour to start hearing the testimony of the victims, confront the accused with the existing evidence, and take measures to prosecute the elements of the organization to which he belongs, inside and outside Libya, through mechanisms of international cooperation in criminal matters.

He also stressed that the arrest process comes within the framework of addressing the growing phenomenon of regulating illegal immigration.

A boat carrying migrants from Tunisia and Libya to Italy – archive from AFP

smuggling routes

It is noteworthy that gangs specialized in smuggling illegal immigrants to European countries have been active in Libya for years, and their members run their activities away from the eyes of the security services in western cities such as Sabratha, Zuwara, Al-Zawiya, and Al-Qara Boli, as well as in the southern region, and they reap huge sums of money from this activity.

Likewise, human smuggling leaders such as Gedi play a pivotal role in the journeys of illegal immigrants from African countries to Europe via Libya, which take several routes from Chad, Sudan or Niger and enter Libya from Al-Jub through the cities of Kufra or Sebha.

Rape, murder, and organ trader…the fall of the smuggling leader in Libya

Archives of migrants in Libya

The migrants are placed in warehouses and compounds designated for the purpose of transporting them to the city of Ajdabiya, and then distributing them to the main smuggling cities in western Libya, such as Zuwara, Tripoli, Al-Qarra Boli, Al-Zawiya and Sabratha.

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