Ramón Jesurún has a tempting offer to work at FIFA

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The president of the Colombian Football Federation (FCF) could leave his position to take up a position in the governing body of world football

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 Ramón Jesurún has a tempting offer to work at FIFA

Ramón Jesurún would work hand in hand with Infantino. Colprensa

Despite the questions that fall upon Ramón Jesurún during his tenure as head of the Colombian Football Federation (FCF), among them the scandal of reselling ticket offices for the Tricolor games in Barranquilla corresponding to the Russia 2018 qualifying round, the manager enjoys great international prestige.

In recent days, the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca ruled in favor of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, which left the president of the FCF, Ramón Jesurún, in a bad light as also at the head of Difútbol, ​​Álvaro González, who sued the entity considering that their good name had been damaged by being linked to the process called the ticket resale cartel.

Likewise, Ramón Jesurún was recently in the eye of the hurricane for his controversial statements towards the Colombian women's under-17 team, which participated in the World Cup of the category that was held in India, stating that the Powerpuff Girls they would not receive an award for being “Amateur” players which triggered a series of criticisms of the manager who later gave explanations to clarify what was said.

With all this, MonchoHe has very good public relations at FIFA, especially with the head of the governing body of the World Cup, the Swiss Gianni Infantino, with whom he shared a box during the final of the U-17 World Cup in India, in which the Colombia team fell by the slightest difference against Spain with an own goal by Ana María Guzmán.

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His closeness to Infantino would bring good returns to Jesurún since he could leave his position as president of the Colombian Football Federation and take a position in the upper echelons of FIFA, as the renowned journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez announced during the broadcast of the program Planeta Fútbol by Win Sports.

According to the experienced commentator, the FIFA president holds the 69-year-old from Barranquilla in such high regard, to whom he offered a job in the world football organization. “I know that what I am going to say is going to fall like a 'stone'. To each lord, each honor. If there is someone respectable in FIFA, his name is Ramón Jesurún.”

“There was an offer from Infantino for him to go to Switzerland to work with him. He told her 'choose what you want to do'. I learned from FIFA that he had made an offer. 'Come any day you want, you're going to have a job here, and you can pay your salary if you want.'”

At the moment the position of the President of the Colombian Football Federation, who, if he accepts Gianni Infantino's supposed offer, will have to step aside from his current position in the FCF, as well as his position in CONMEBOL.

For now, we will have to wait and see what happens after the World Cup that is taking place in Qatar, which has been surrounded by a sea of ​​controversy over human rights violations and persecution of the LGTBIQ+ community.< /i>