Raid against abusers in TransMilenio leaves four captured

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Three of the victims of those arrested in flagrante delicto are women and two cases occurred on board buses that covered route F28

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Raid against abusers in TransMilenio leaves four captured

Capture of alleged sexual abuser on public transport in Bogotá

After the intense outrage caused by the case of the 17-year-old teenager Hilary Castro, who reported having been sexually abused on October 31 at a TransMilenio station, the Bogotá Metropolitan Police reported this Friday, November 4 that carried out a series of operations against this crime that resulted in four men being captured, although the details of their legal situation are not known at the time. Three of the victims of these alleged aggressors are women and one more is a man.

The first case took place on the El Dorado trunk road, on a bus from Soacha that covered route K43. Citizens made the report when the vehicle stopped at Recinto Ferial station. The person involved was a 52-year-old man who, according to witness reports, had a woman cornered and was manipulating her private parts against her will. The patrol that was in Recinto Ferial captured the accused.

The other two cases against women occurred on board buses that covered route F28, which travels from the north to Portal Américas. One woman reported that a 19-year-old man touched her private parts, while another complainant claimed that an alleged 37-year-old assailant put his hand under her skirt to try to grope her. Both people were captured and sent to immediate reaction units (URI).

The last capture was reported on the Americas trunk, at the Industrial Zone station. A citizen was getting off a bus that covered route B28 when he felt that a 63-year-old man exceeded his personal space and touched him improperly. Similarly, the agents captured the alleged aggressor.

According to figures from the TransMilenio security team, so far in 2022 at least 65 people have been captured for violating the rights of passengers on buses and stations. In addition, 152 people have been detained for the crime of defamation, a crime that includes improper touching.

The case of Hilary Castro

The Bogotá Metropolitan Police announced that the person allegedly implicated in the sexual abuse of Hilary Castro had already been identified< /b>. At the moment they would be waiting for an arrest warrant to bring him to justice.

Castro, a 17-year-old girl from Bogota, used his social networks to denounce what happened to him last Monday, October 31, when the traditional Halloween party was being celebrated.

“I was on route B12 and I got off at the station from La Castellana. I saw that a man got off at the same station and began to look everywhere; he proceeds to take something out of the suitcase, ”said the minor. She started to walk faster, but she couldn't find any authority that could help her. “He comes running after me and threatens me with a knife saying I should give him everything.”

After handing her a kangaroo, the man threatened her to leave the station. “He brought me down from the station at the point of threats, he took me to the back of the station, proceeded to lower his pants and forced me” to perform sexual acts on him. The situation did not go unnoticed by two young people who passed through the area and ended up giving her support. After this complaint, this Thursday there were demonstrations in various parts of the city, which left damages of over 246 million pesos in several stations of the mass system.