Racists announced the death of two and the arrest of five Ukrainian saboteurs 40 km from the state border

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The Russians announced the death of two and the arrest of five Ukrainian saboteurs 40 km from the state border

Russian official said on Thursday that two Ukrainian saboteurs were killed and five arrested during the incursion into the Bryansk region.

Russian regions bordering Ukraine regularly report shelling and attacks, including sometimes about cross-border incursions. They blame Ukraine for all this.

Ukraine did not comment on the latest statement.

Oleksandr Bogomaz, the governor of the Bryansk region, said that on Wednesday a group of Ukrainian special forces allegedly tried to carry out a series of “terrorist acts on military and energy infrastructure facilities”. two militants were eliminated in the Navlin district, five were detained and three were wounded,” he said in his post on the social network.

The Navlin district is located approximately 40 km from the Ukrainian border.

Bogomaz said the group used American-made automatic rifles, NATO-standard ammunition and grenades to carry out the attack, and shared an image that appeared to show the captured weapons.

He later wrote that three drones were shot down over the region on Thursday and that there were no casualties.

In a statement, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) confirmed it had intercepted Wednesday's cross-border incursion and said it intended to open a criminal case.< /p>

Moscow has repeatedly stated that Ukrainian forces used weapons provided by the West to carry out strikes and occasionally invaded racist territory. Kyiv denies this.

In June, the neighboring Belgorod region suffered the largest invasion since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. Moscow said dozens of pro-Ukrainian fighters were killed.

The offensive included the use of drones and artillery fire, calling into question the strength of Russia's border defenses.

Ukraine denied responsibility and said responsibility could carry Russian partisan groups that oppose the master of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin.