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Rachel Notley will take “the time necessary” to decide on her future policy

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Rachel Notley says that in her thinking, she will consider her personal interest, the interest of her family, that of his party and that of the province.

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The leader of the official opposition in Alberta, Rachel Notley, addressed, during her end-of-year interview, subjects as diverse as her own political future, relations with the New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada and certain decisions of the provincial government, particularly on issues related to energy and the environment.

First, regarding her future at the head of the Alberta NDP, a political party of which she has been the face for 10 years, Rachel Notley says she is still at the reflection stage .

As I have said before, and as I will continue to say it, I'm going to take the time I need to think about my [political] future.

A quote from Rachel Notley, leader of the Alberta NDP

She adds that, in this exercise of introspection, she will take into consideration all the factors that come into play, including what would be the best choice for her personal interest as well as that of her family, her party and the province . And I will let you know what conclusion I have reached.

However, a few weeks after her party's defeat in the 2019 provincial election, Rachel Notley promised to do everything to win back the post of Prime Minister in 2023. A bet that she lost to Danielle Smith, of the United Conservative Party (UCP). ).

LoadingNegotiations resume between Quebec and public sector unions

ELSE ON NEWS: Negotiations resume between Quebec and public sector unions< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Ms. Notley, who was re-elected in the riding of Edmonton-Strathcona, defends herself by arguing that in this election, the Alberta NDP came two-thirds of the way, winning 38 seats in the legislature , compared to 49 for his opponent, a gain of 11% of the votes compared to 2019.

The question of affinities between the Alberta NDP and its federal counterpart was also addressed, as some observers of Alberta political life recently supported the idea that the Alberta NDP should consider changing its name to distance itself. of the party led by Jagmeet Singh.

According to these observers, the fact that the two political parties have chemistry would confuse the perceptions of Alberta voters and would therefore constitute a thorn in the side of the party.

However, Rachel Notley doesn't see it that way. According to her, the two NDPs have more in common than what divides them. She cites as proof that the two provincial and federal political parties are, in her opinion, very supportive of the defense of public health care and social programs.

She also recalls that the federal NDP fought to impose on its ally the Liberal Party the adoption of a dental insurance plan for the benefit of low- and middle-income Canadians who do not have private insurance.

It's a brand I'm proud to call home. be associated. In recent days, we have seen them move forward with the expansion of the [federal] dental care plan. It is through their hard work and dedication that this project will come to fruition.

A quote from Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley

If only for this achievement, which improves people's daily lives, Ms. Notley thinks that the two homonymous parties should maintain their links.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Rachel Notley also did not fail to criticize certain decisions of Danielle Smith's government, which she considers to be a denial of the reality of climate change.

She cites as an example the moratorium decreed by the province on renewable energies. In his view, this decision not only jeopardizes Alberta's economic growth opportunities, but it also significantly delays the province's ability to achieve net-zero emissions, regardless of #x27;year chosen to achieve this.

According to Rachel Notley, Albertans need a government that rolls up its sleeves to protect key sectors of the province's economy, while participating in the common effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions .

However, the current government demonizes everyone who talks about the need to reduce shows.

A quote from Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley

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