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Rachel Notley will leave her position to become leader of the Alberta NDP

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Rachel Notley will step down as leader of the Alberta NDP.< /p>

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Radio-Canada has learned that Alberta NDP leader and former Prime Minister Rachel Notley announced to her MPs on Tuesday that she will leave her post at the head of the party. Her decision will be made public at a press conference.

Rachel Notley was first elected MLA almost 16 years ago years and led the province from 2015 to 2019.

Before entering active politics, Rachel Notley was known as the daughter of Grant Notley, who led the Alberta NDP during the early years of the Progressive Conservative Party in the 1970s and 1980s.

She quickly made a name for herself in 2006, winning the NDP nomination in the riding of Edmonton-Strathcona, which was then one of only two ridings held by the NDP in the Legislative Assembly. She was elected MP in the 2008 elections, then she was re-elected four times.

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In 2014, she succeeded Brian Mason as leader of the New Democratic Party in the first round of the leadership race.< /p>

In 2015, Rachel Notley created a surprise by leading the NDP troops to a majority government, thus defeating the Progressive Conservatives, who had led the province for nearly half a century without interruption. To do this, she took advantage of a division of the right-wing vote between the Progressive Conservative Party and the even more right-wing Wildrose Party.

His first months in power were marked by a difficult economic climate, due to the fall in oil prices. During his mandate, his government presented four provincial budgets in deficit. Her economic record will be the source of criticism from her adversaries during the rest of her political career.

In 2016, she faces one of the largest natural disasters in Canadian history, the Fort McMurray wildfire.

During his years in power, former federal minister Jason Kenney made the leap into Alberta politics to unite the two right-wing parties.

Rachel Notley was defeated in 2019 by the brand new United Conservative Party, but, despite the defeat, she still decided to remain leader of the opposition. She lost the provincial elections again in May 2023, against the PCU, now led by Danielle Smith, but by a narrower margin than in 2019.

The New Democratic Party currently forms the largest official opposition in Alberta history.

With information from Jean-Emmanuel Fortier and Elise Von Scheel

More details to come.

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