R & B singer Bosco shot video with smart glasses

R & B singer Bosco shot video with smart glasses

R&B singer Bosco presented a video for her composition, which was filmed using new technology. To create the video, the video sequence was recorded using smart glasses.

R & B singer Bosco made a video with smart glasses

Image via: youtube.com
Representatives of show business are trying to be the first to use various fashion trends and objects of technical progress in their work. For a long time, no one has been surprised by videos captured on a smartphone camera. R&B singer Bosco decided to go further with the use of gadgets and recorded the clip using Snap Spectacles 3 smart glasses. Thanks to this technology, the viewer can see a picture that has never been shown by anyone. The image is divided into two halves, on the right is a plot that demonstrates the romantic relationship of a couple, and on the left is an avatar that emotionally reacts to changes in human relationships. Expressions of feelings are created by special effects of glasses with augmented reality.

The Snap Spectacles 3 has two cameras that allow you to capture 3D footage. While their duration can be no more than a minute. For convenience, they have a built-in filter. The image resolution reaches 1216 by 1216 pixels.

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