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Kq ax Quick menu for real football fans - The Times Hub

Quick menu for real football fans

Quick menu for real football fans

The Super Bowl is a golden opportunity to eat all kinds of junk food … without the guilt. Just in the United States, millions of pizzas are consumed on Game Sunday, over 1.4 billion chicken wings, tons of guacamole, fries, nachos and beer … Pandemic forces, Super Bowl menus will have to be more modest. Confined in their family bubble, without the gatherings of friends, fans will be able to prepare a quick little treat by visiting the frozen food counters of supermarkets. It’s quick, well done, and it allows you to focus on the game. Chicken wings, pizza, ribs and fries, here is a selection of the most interesting frozen products on the market.

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Long live the wings


Kansas Sweet, 8.5 / 10

Quick menu for real football fans

Of all the tests I have done on commercial chicken wings, these are the closest to homemade chicken wings. The wings are imposing, big and especially whole with fins and sleeves. The meat is firm, but still juicy, tasty. The BBQ flavor is not too intense and we can also guess a pleasant little sweet side.


Kansas Style BBQ Chicken Wings, 8/10

Quick menu for real football fans

It’s a good surprise these chicken wings. Smoky flavor very present, but that does not take away the taste of the chicken, it is good. We can also guess the sweet side, but again not too much, it is well balanced. There is a complex and fair harmony of flavors of salty, spicy and sweet, satisfying for commercial chicken wings.

The cage

Pepper and sea salt, 7.5 / 10

Quick menu for real football fans

It is sometimes in the simplicity that it is possible to taste the chicken well and this is the case with these pepper and sea salt chicken wings. Firm and creamy texture at the same time, it is very tasty with the pepper present.


Spicy and crispy, 7/10

Quick menu for real football fans

You like spiky wings, but you rightly find them too soft at times. Here are tangy and crunchy wings and, yes, they are crunchy, even crispy. It’s really hot too, so beer will be welcome to put out the fire in the mouth.


Spicy BBQ, 7/10

Quick menu for real football fans

Tiny chicken wings with a creamy texture, chicken flavor very present, and that’s good, but the spiciness is also present, remaining bearable. No need to call 911. Good, prickly wings.

For ribs lovers

Quebec BBQ

Kansas pork belly ribs, 8/10

Quick menu for real football fans

Ribs, I make them mostly in the summer, otherwise, I could easily use those from BBQ Quebec. It must be said that the piece of meat is substantial, which gives it many advantages during cooking, especially that of being very soft. The seasoning is for me a little too present, we lose a little the taste of the meat, but otherwise, it is recommended.

Gastronomic pleasure

BBQ pork back ribs, 7.5 / 10

Quick menu for real football fans

I must admit that, in general, PG offers cooked meals with good quality. But again, a little less spices of all kinds would be welcome, in order to preserve the original flavor of the meat. It’s tender, juicy, a little too sweet, but overall a good pork back rib.

The cage

Ribs with whiskey, 7/10

Quick menu for real football fans

Although I find the ribs too small and the sauce too sticky and compact, the flavor is very pleasant. I recommend that you, since these are flavored with bourbon, do not hesitate to add a good swig on top if you have some in your bar, before putting them in the oven.


Texan style ribs, 7/10

Quick menu for real football fans

They are small, but surprisingly tender and tasty. A little too sweet, however, but luckily the smoky taste mitigates this sensation. Overall it’s good, and with fries it will be even better.

Red Stick

Maple and bourbon back ribs, 6/10

Quick menu for real football fans

You could say a lot of not very nice things about the maple and bumblebee flavors of these ribs, but what I remember most is the lack of tenderness of the meat. It’s dry, tough, not a lot of protein on those little bones, gooey sauce, disappointment.

Pizza one day, pizza always

For amateurs thin crust

Cool & Simple

Pizza with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes, 8.5 / 10

Quick menu for real football fans

A thin crust, quality tomato sauce, we can even guess the small pieces. Slices of goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and sweet spices. It is more than recommendable. I also like the one with smoked salmon and dill. To make it more chic.

For lovers thick crust


Crispy in a main course – Meat lovers, 7.5 / 10

Quick menu for real football fans

Italian sausage, seasoned beef, pepperoni, thick crust. A mix between Roman pizza, Chicago or Detroit … We are obviously far from the famous Roman pizza of Mirko D’Agata or that of Danny St Pierre in Detroit style, but for lovers of big thick pizza, it is correct.

For the meatless

Stromboli. PG

Vegetables, 7/10

Quick menu for real football fans

Topped with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, baby spinach, green peppers and bruschetta. The crust is thin and very crisp. This is the kind of pizza that can be eaten in tiny slices for the aperitif.

To see the dough rise in the oven


Carnivorous rising oven pizza, 6/10

Quick menu for real football fans

Meat sauce, pepperoni, steak, spicy Italian sausage, ham, bacon and mozzarella cheese. A melting pot, a meat “touski” with a sensation of acidity in the mouth and another disappointment, is that the flavor of the spicy sausage predominates over all the other meats and that’s a shame. The dough is more satisfying.

For amateurs thrills

Dr. Oetker

Garlic & cheese, 5/10

Quick menu for real football fans

It should be noted that the portioning of this decadent pizza is very practical and that lovers of winged sensations will be served.

Two great discoveries for the nachos

If you want to eat something other than the three popular commercial brands whose names I will not mention here, here are two quality options to check out with confidence.

Montreal Nachos

Lemon, 8.5 / 10

Quick menu for real football fans

The list of ingredients is reassuring when you leave. Yellow corn, canola oil, lemon, salt. That’s all. Result: it’s very good. For the record, it is the supplier of many restaurants that showcase this famous chip. In one bite, we are in Mexico. Made in Montreal on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, as a bonus.

Que Pasa Foods

Blue corn tortillas, 8/10

Quick menu for real football fans

They are perfect to be dipped in guacamole or for a big plate of nachos. Be careful, they are a little firmer in texture than very commercial chips. Very pleasant flavors. You can also use their various salsa-style sauces.

What about the fries?

In the French fries category, I must admit to being a little discouraged. Frozen commercial fries are mediocre overall. Nothing better than fresh potato sliced ​​as you like and fried in quality oil, to be instantly savored. However, here are two options.

Cavendish Farms


Quick menu for real football fans

For frozen fries, I must admit that these come closest to a certain authenticity and that they resemble what many restaurants serve us. The exposed skin of the French fries adds to this sensation. Question taste, it is very correct and, under the circumstances, it is recommendable.


Bistro Style, 5/10

Quick menu for real football fans

For those who like seasoned fries. But you have to look at the list of ingredients to realize the difference between eating only potato and this one with canola oil, soybean, cottonseed, modified corn starch, potato. wheat flour, garlic and onion powder, sodium phosphate to retain the natural color (sic), and oh happiness !, dehydrated parsley, phew, we’re saved. Result, it tastes like onion powder, but we have already eaten worse, yes, even at the restaurant …

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