Queues at gas stations will be done away with – deadlines announced

Queues at gas stations will be done away with – deadlines announced

In Ukraine, stocks of gasoline and diesel fuel have been created for 7-8 days, which is about half of the pre-war stocks. Minister of Economy Yulia Sviridenko informed about this, writes today.ua.

Queue lines at gas stations will be done away with — dates announced

According to her, the queues at Ukrainian gas stations will disappear when our country reaches the pre-war level of fuel reserves.

Apparently, this may happen in the near future. The fact is that in June they plan to import about 600,000 tons of fuel to Ukraine. In March, 60 thousand tons of fuel were imported into our country, and in May – 380 thousand tons. That is, deliveries are increasing at a significant pace.

Recall that the shortage of fuel in Ukraine formed at the end of April, when the Russian invaders intensified shelling of the relevant infrastructure. They wanted to deprive the APU of fuel, but only achieved the appearance of queues at gas stations.

Between However, some experts do not exclude that in the next 3-4 weeks Ukraine may again face a shortage of fuel. Thus, Dmitry Leushkin, director of the Prime gas station network, says that a large shortage of diesel fuel may arise, as it is expected to be in great demand from farmers and logistics companies that export grain by trucks abroad.

In addition, logistics has changed. If earlier goods were transported by rail, now they are transported by trucks. And they need diesel fuel.