Queen of flight

Queen of flight

Ville de Québec, 1907. Despite her young age of 17, Lucy Wolverène is one of the most feared people: she excels in the art of flight. Torn from her Cree community when she was just a child, Lucy first took to stealing in order to survive, but today she takes pride in being feared by everyone. In a world where raven men rule the roost, Lucy is about to give it a go …

Sandra Dussault won over many readers in 2018 with her novel The program. Without being as striking and impactful as the latter, Lucy Wolverene captivating and unique abode. It is with great pleasure that we find there the very particular and catchy writing style of this Quebec author.

An imperfect young heroine

It is a very dark portrait of Quebec City that the author describes to us … Poor children who are recruited by the owner of a hotel and sign a contract with him to live under his roof, a contract that practically binds him for the rest of their lives and which stipulates that they must commit crime after crime to repay their debt to him. Raven men who sow terror in the streets as they patrol at night, to frighten any soul that dares to venture into foreign territory. Moreover, the mystery around these raven-men is perfectly balanced … The reader learns, in a dropper, who these creatures really are, and it is incredible to note, once again, the imaginative talent of the author!

Among all those trying to survive in these rather difficult times is Lucy, whom the reader will follow step by step, although she is far from instinctively endearing with her impulsiveness and ferocity. Her jovial and flirtatious inventor friend, Marie Josèphe, brings a touch of softness and lightness to the story. We like the bond between the two young women.

For a dynamic plot whose rhythm never runs out of steam, for a dark universe and a few history lessons, Lucy Wolverène is certainly one of the literary sagas to discover!


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