Queen Elizabeth II received Liz Truss

Queen Elizabeth II received Liz Truss

Queen Elizabeth II receives Liz Truss

Photo: Elizabeth II and Liz Truss/Sky News

The head of the Conservative Party of Great Britain Lise Truss officially assumed the office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, according to Sky News.

Queen Elizabeth II received her at Balmoral Castle in Scotland and, according to tradition instructed to form a new government.

Earlier, Queen Elizabeth II accepted the resignation of Boris Johnson, who served as prime minister for just over three years. In his farewell speech, Johnson said that his policy “gave the country economic strength”, to help the British through the energy crisis.

BAGNET recalls that the vote on the choice of a new prime minister was announced after Boris Johnson announced plans to step down on July 7. Elections began August 1, and ended on September 2.  Liz Truss and former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak came out.

On September 5, it became known that Truss would become the head of the British Conservative Party with 81.3 thousand votes. However, polls showed that half of Britons are disappointed with the election of Liz Truss as prime minister.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga