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A Quebecer accused of human trafficking in B.C.

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RCMP units from Kelowna and Montreal worked together to track Stanley Jean-Baptiste. (Archive photo)


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Units of the Royal Gendarmerie of Canada (RCMP) in Kelowna and Montreal have arrested and laid charges against a Quebecer in connection with a human trafficking case. The acts were allegedly committed in the Kelowna and Victoria areas.

The Kelowna RCMP specifies in a press release that the Sex Crimes Unit has been mobilized in this case. He began investigating in May 2021 and collected evidence that led to the arrest of Stanley Jean-Baptiste on December 8.

None of the accusations have yet been proven in court.

Corporal Tim Russell of the Kelowna RCMP Vulnerable Persons Unit says the city is part of a ring used by traffickers who exploit people for sexual purposes.

Police say they have worked with the City and Kelowna Airport, as well as the Kelowna Children's Advocacy Center on an awareness campaign aimed at to prevent human trafficking and sexual exploitation of young people.

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Stanley Jean-Baptiste was remanded in custody before being escorted to Kelowna to appear in court.

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