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A bill will also be tabled next week to “modernize” the industry.

Québec will offer other short construction training courses

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Quebec will renew accelerated and paid training in construction, Prime Minister François Legault announced. (Archive photo)

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The infrastructure needs are so important that Quebec will have no other choice than to continue to offer short, paid training courses in construction, declared François Legault on Thursday. The latter suggested that students in the next cohorts could, like the first, benefit from support of 750 dollars per week.

Launched last year, these programs will likely be renewed, according to the Prime Minister, who affirmed that there is a lot of catching up to do.

Hospitals, schools and housing will have to be built in large numbers in the coming years, not to mention the historic volume of projects planned by Hydro-Québec in the action plan presented this fall by the CEO of the utility company. x27;State, Michael Sabia.

For all these reasons, we will continue to accelerate construction training in the coming months and years, the Prime Minister said at the end of the pre-sessional caucus of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ). which took place Wednesday and Thursday in a hotel in Sherbrooke.

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Accelerated training, we are currently looking at that, but obviously, we must continue to do it, yes.

A quote from François Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec

The first rapid, paid construction training courses, with weekly support of $750, began earlier this month. Other training, however, due to strikes, began “a little later,” admitted Mr. Legault.

For the moment, it is no longer possible to register for these programs, which aim to obtain, in four to six months only, a college diploma in carpentry, driving construction equipment, tinsmithing and refrigeration. But we will have to do even more, admitted the Prime Minister.

To meet the challenge posed by Quebec's infrastructure needs, Mr. Legault is also counting on the long-awaited bill from the Minister of Labor, Jean Boulet, aimed at “modernizing” the construction industry. construction.

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The reform of the law governing the construction industry, which will soon be tabled by the Minister of Labor, Jean Boulet, will include a revision of the mission of the Quebec Construction Commission.

The legislative document, which was to be tabled this fall, will finally be tabled next week, when work resumes in the National Assembly, he said.

Announced on May 1, 2023, the bill will notably affect the versatility of certain professions through the sharing of tasks, the reduction in the number of working hours training for certain trades, productivity – which Quebec wants to increase – and interregional mobility of workers.

It will also make it possible to rethink the mission of the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ), Jean Boulet revealed for the first time Thursday morning in a press scrum.

The minister will also take advantage of his reform to implement measures aimed at increasing the representation of women, immigrants, people with disabilities, Aboriginal people and visible minorities in the industry. The CCQ already has programs in this area.

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