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Quebec houses are still wasteful too much energy

When we fly over Montreal with a thermal camera, we realize to what extent our buildings lose heat.< /p>Radio-Canada

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While Hydro-Québec dreams of doubling its production by 2050 to meet the energy demands of the transition, part of the solution is found in our homes and homes.

Quebec residences consume a third of the province's electricity and more than half of this energy is intended for heating and air conditioning. Water heating adds to this and represents 20% of residential consumption.

In a study produced (New window) on behalf of the Association of Construction and Housing Professionals of Quebec (APCHQ), the Dunky firm estimates that nearly 15 TWh could be saved by simple work in residences of Quebec. This is the equivalent of the production of twice the Romaine complex.

Journalist Maxime Corneau was interested in the potential of energy efficiency for the province's decarbonization project.

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