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Qualcomm is parodying the old “I'm a Mac” ad to promote Snapdragon X-based PCs

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun5,2024

Qualcomm parodies old 'I'm a Mac' ad to promote Snapdragon PCs X

Qualcomm pushes Snapdragon X-based PCs/screenshot

Remember the “I'm a Mac/I'm a PC” commercial that Apple ran in the late 2000s? It was so successful that it got its own Wikipedia page.

Several competitors tried to follow suit, even hiring Justin Long (the guy from I'm Mac). Qualcomm did the same, releasing a cheeky clip at the end of its Computex keynote showing the first Copilot+ computers, all of which use the Snapdragon X chip (Elite or Plus).

In the clip, Justin Long is still using MacBook and dressed in casual clothes, but now he is bothered by constant notifications. Too frequent notifications is one of those annoyances that Copilot AI can deal with, either by turning them off while you're busy or by answering them for you with a voice command.

Qualcomm parodies Apple's legendary ad: watch the video

Of course, Apple has developed its own powerful NPU, but it does not have an AI model – unlike Qualcomm, which works together with Microsoft on the Windows-on-ARM project. Ironically, Apple is reportedly going to partner with OpenAI, and Microsoft owns 49% of the company (after investing $11 billion and using OpenAI technology for Copilot).

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