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Quadruple homicide in Winnipeg on Langside Street : names of victims revealed

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Winnipeg police are still present on the scene Monday of a quadruple homicide that occurred the day before, rue Langside.

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Winnipeg police revealed , Monday, the names of the victims of the quadruple homicide on Langside Street in downtown Winnipeg. These events occurred early Sunday morning.

Two men and two women lost their lives after succumbing to gunshot wounds.

They have been identified as Melelek Leseri Lesikel, 29, Dylan Maxwell Lavallee, 41, Crystal Shannon Beardy, 34, and Stephanie Amanda Beardy, 33.

Crystal Shannon Beardy and Stephanie Amanda Beardy are originally from the Lac Saint-Martin First Nation.

Dylan Maxwell Lavallee is a Winnipeg resident, while Melelek Leseri Lesikel has family in Kenya and the United States, according to Jennifer McKinnon, an investigator with the Winnipeg police Major Crimes Unit.

A 55-year-old man who was also shot and wounded remains in critical condition in hospital.

At a press conference Monday afternoon, Winnipeg Police Service Chief Danny Smyth said the Homicide Unit is still investigating. So far, no arrests have been made and no suspects identified.

Danny Smyth says forensic experts with police from Winnipeg could be on the event scene for the rest of the week.

The chief of the Winnipeg Police Service, however, did not provide many details on the circumstances surrounding this shooting.

I don't know what happened #x27;has been in the apartment for the moment. We must let the investigators do their job, he said. We are unable to give you details about the investigation, but when we know more, we will be the first to keep you informed.

The police indicate that all the people involved in this event were known to the police.

Law enforcement reiterates its appeal for information from witnesses leads or videos from a surveillance camera that could help advance the investigation.

Danny Smyth says the Patrol Unit will increase its presence in the area where this shooting took place to ensure residents feel safe.

Sunday morning, around 4 a.m., at an apartment on Langside Street south of Sara Avenue, police responded to a call indicating that several people had been injured. Upon arriving at the scene, the police found that five people had been hit by bullets.

The death of a man and a woman was pronounced at the scene.

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