Quadarella, Nespoli, Pizzolato and Testa: a shower of medals for Italy, but ..

Quadarella, Nespoli, Pizzolato and Testa: a shower of medals for Italy, but ..

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Quadarella, Nespoli, Pizzolato and Testa: a shower of medals for Italy, but ..

Italy rejoices for the new achievements of the Azzurri at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: from the splendid bronze of Simona Quadarella in swimming, to the silver of Mauro Nespoli (archery, beaten in the final by the Turkish Mete Gazoz), passing through the bronze of Antonino Pizzolato (weightlifting) and the historical one of Irma Testa (boxing): there are 24 medals won so far by Italy. A great result, with a small gripe: a pinch of luck was missing and there are two gold medals (with fifteenth place in the medal table).


Bronze medal for Antonino Pizzolato in weightlifting, category -81 kg, at the Tokyo Olympic Games. The blue conquers the third step of the podium behind the Chinese Lyu Xiaojun and the Dominican Zacarias Bonnat Michel.


Mauro Nespoli loses the final for gold in the individual archery competition at the Tokyo Olympic Games. The blue, gold in the team competition in London in 2012, got the silver overtaken by the Turkish Mete Gazoz with a score of 6-4 (26-29, 28-28, 27-26, 29-29, 29 -26).


The Olympic bronze in 800 freestyle has arrived for Simona QUADARELLA. The Roman swimmer has thus redeemed the fifth place recorded in the 1500, of which she is the reigning European and world champion, taking the medal behind the unrivaled American Katie Ledecky, in her third consecutive gold in five circles in the specialty, and by the Australian Ariarne Titmus who was able to add a new podium to the 3 already centered in this edition, two of which occupied by the highest step. The blue race was excellent, after a slow start and progressively managed to recover positions up to overtake and then stretch over the American Grimes, thus securing third place without excessive suffering in the final. “Before entering the pool I said to myself ‘I have to go home with a smile, so either take the medal or take the medal’. I put my heart, soul into it, I did a race with my head. It was difficult, but I am happy to have taken this medal. It is worth more than anything else. It was difficult, but I felt lucky to have had this opportunity to take. This is my Olympics, I would have preferred to do something more in the 1500, I am honest, but it has not arrived, it is part of the life of an athlete, but this bronze makes me happy, it is sweaty after so many years of work “.

Faced with a Ledecky and a Titmus in these conditions, the 22-year-old member of Aniene and Fiamme Rosse has really achieved the maximum. On the other hand, the podium in the 4×100 mixed men and women relay for the Azzurri, finished in fourth place at 33 cents from the bronze. The tricolor team formed by Thomas Ceccon, Nicolo ‘Martinenghi, Elena Di Liddo and Federica Pellegrini was preceded by Great Britain (which printed the world record), China and Australia. A real shame for the four Azzurri who had started well in the two men’s fractions and with Martinenghi able to touch in front of the British Peaty at the end of the second, just before leaving the pool in favor of Di Liddo. The last 100 meters that saw Pellegrini as the protagonist, overcome in the very last strokes, were heart-pounding. “I am happy, I have always been there for the relay races for the national team. I have always liked them, I had not done it for a long time today, we are sure that we could not have done better than this” commented captain Pellegrini. In the semifinals of the 50 style, where Dressel again set the best time, Lorenzo Zazzeri gained access to the final by recording the seventh fastest time.


Irma TESTA’s Olympic ride stops one step away from the final. At the Kokugikan Arena, the temple of Japanese sumo, the Neapolitan from Torre Annunziata yields to the Filipina Nesthy Petecio in the featherweight category (54-57 kg). The world champion comes out at a distance and the blue cannot contain her explosive fury even if the final verdict is not unanimous: 4-1 (29-28, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28, 28 -29) says the split decision of the judges who recognize the honor of arms to the Plontina. The dream therefore ends but the awakening is certainly not traumatic for “Butterfly” (Irma TESTA’s ring nickname) who wrote history in Tokyo. Her bronze, already in the safe for three days since in her sport there is no final finish for third place, is the first female medal ever for Italian boxing. Another piece of the blue “girls revolution” started from weightlifting with Giorgia Bordignon and continued with the gold of the Rodini-Cesarini couple in rowing and the bronze of Lucilla Boari in the bow. Four splendid new pieces that push the sporting movement in pink higher than ever.

Irma Testa (Lapresse)

“This medal has a great significance, it is important, there are years of work and sacrifices behind it” says the “Butterfly” of Italian boxing in the mixed zone immediately after the defeat in the semifinals. “In recent years I have tried not to make mistakes, not to leave anything to chance, and I think I did. It wasn’t enough, maybe it takes a few years I don’t know. I think I have done almost everything perfectly” says TESTA who he doesn’t have much to blame. Immediately strong match in the first round (closed in advantage), the boxer from Campania suffers the change of approach of the opponent who with aggression balances the score in the second round. The finale is a crescendo of the Filipino Petecio who puts Irma on the ropes who tries to defend herself as best she can but in attack she fails to produce great things and when the gong sounds many already imagine which side most is oriented. of the judges. “I didn’t have time to change tactics too – comments the 23-year-old bell -. In the second round I left expecting her to do what she had done in the first round and maybe I was stupid because it was almost impossible for a world champion continued in that way. I should have expected it because at the first siren she smiled at me making me understand that she was coming. But I didn’t think so: she was very good in her change of style “. From being the first Italian woman boxer at the Olympics (it happened in Rio 2016) to being the first Italian woman boxer on the podium of the Olympics, the step was short: 5 years in which Irma grew a lot: “In Brazil I was very young , it was my first adventure at the Games and I was convinced to bring home a medal. This cheated me, there were world champions and I was a child. I came to Tokyo with greater maturity and awareness of my means, not thinking about where I could go. I have not underestimated anyone and I have never taken anything for granted “says TESTA who does not look to the future (” Paris are still many years to go “) and enjoys the moment:” Before I hadn’t done well, now I am realizing that I have won a bronze that represents too much “. The dedication is for “all those who have been close to me” but not only: “To my teacher above all, I have given him so many problems in recent years. He really knows what we went through to win this medal”.


Italbasket is in the quarter-finals of Tokyo 2020. Objective achieved thanks to the ‘dirty’ victory for 80-71 against Nigeria in the third and final match of Group B. A success suffered after a nightmare second and third quarter, with 27 total points put on the scoresheet after 29 in the first quarter alone. Coach Meo Sacchetti’s team does not shoot very well closing with 40% from the field, but in the last quarter it is the desire and determination of the Azzurri to make the difference, with only 8 points granted to Mike Brown’s team. Now the draw is expected to find out who will be Italy’s opponent in the quarter-finals. The start of the match of the Azzurri is a mix of concentration, competitive nastiness and excellent shooting percentages: in short, all that was needed to put the match against Nigeria on the right track. Coach Sacchetti’s men go up to +12 with a super partial from 11-0, only to let the opponents return for a moment up to -7. For the green-and-whites, however, the 6 turnovers in the first quarter weigh heavily, allowing Italy to extend and reach the first mini-rest ahead of 12 points (29-17). The second quarter did not start in the best way for the Azzurri, who did not score for almost four minutes, allowing Nigeria to resoundingly return to the game. The partial of the African selection says 13-2 in the middle of the period and the -1 calls everything into question. Italy incredibly undermines its percentages from the field, shooting very badly especially from a distance, while Nigeria led by a super Metu (14 points and 4 out of 5 from three at the interval), even tries to close ahead at rest, but the Azzurri they manage to keep that small point of advantage (40-39). At the beginning of the third quarter Sacchetti’s team seems to find the right clarity to try to extend again: the Azzurri place a nice 6-0 partial, but with a partial counter of 7-0 Nigeria gets back into contact, finding parity, escaping then on +6 with another bomb from Metu and the support from below from Achiuwa. It is the most difficult moment for Italy, which is no longer able to find fluidity in the offensive half and safety in the defensive one, suffering many baskets from a distance that make the green-and-whites fly to +8 at the beginning of the last quarter. . Mannion, Ricci, Fontecchio and Melli, however, have other plans and with four consecutive baskets they allow the Azzurri to recover morale by getting ahead at 65-64. Nigeria no longer scores and Italy runs away on +6 with a 14-0 partial, closed by the usual Metu bomb that stops the African bleeding and rekindles the hopes of its people. Hopes that however do not last long, because Italy practically makes no more mistakes and with a Mannion bomb just over 30 seconds from the end, he closes the scores, then setting the final at 80-71.


Italy in judo was immediately eliminated in the mixed team competition, defeated 4-3 by Israel. Still disappointing the standard-bearer Jessica Rossi, who in the trap mixed team hits only 67 targets out of 75, condemning Italy to 12th place (an excellent 74/75 instead for De Filippis). The final for gold will see Spain and the surprising San Marino face off, another sure medal that brings the total to two. In athletics great result for Daisy Osakue: with 63.66 the blue equaled the Italian record for discus throwing, qualifying for the final with the 5th measure. Luminosa Bogliolo in the 100 obstacles, Linda Olivieri and Yadisleidis Pedroso in the 400 obstacles pass into the semifinal.

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