PVK Wagner does not help the Russian Federation

PVK Wagner does not help the Russian Federation

Wagner's PVC won't help RF change the heading of war – research

Photo : ssu.gov.ua

Naymantsi PVK Wagner (archived photo)

Russia z bireznya vikoristovu grouped in the great battles in the Donbass on the aphids of the state construction of the non-stachi fіhoti.

The Russian private company of Wagner with a birch tree is at the meeting of Ukraine at the coordination with the Russian military. The group, obviously, was put on the line for the front line, as well as on the zvichayn army squadrons, to go to the rank of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain, published on April 29.

It is important that this change is significant, it is agreed with the previous date of the victory of the group in 2015, if it is called out, the mission was celebrated Russia.

“This new level of integration is even more encouraging the long-standing policy of the Russian government to cross-reference the language between the PMC and the Russian state. The role of Wagner, apparently, has changed, to the fact that the Russian Ministry of Defense is witnessing a severe lack of combat fighting, prote little, that Wagner’s forces will be sufficient, so that the trajectory of the war can be changed in a meaningful way”, – voiced at the roses.