Putin's resignation. Initiative of the local deputies of the Russian Federation

Putin's resignation. Initiative of the local deputies of the Russian Federation

Putin's resignation. Initiative of Russian deputies

Putin is called to resign

Municipal deputies of the 18 districts of Moscow and St. Petersburg signed a public statement in return for the appointment of Russian President Volodymyr Putin.

Because of the successful counteroffensive of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region in Russia, it was not possible to activate at least some of the struggle against the dictatorial regime. Last week, the deputies once two bodies of the self-regulation of the Russian Federation – near Moscow and St. Petersburg – publicly made official statements in a call to the introduction of the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin. And on the 12th of spring, colleagues from other districts arrived before them. The statement of the deputies is regarded as a sensation for Russia.

The essence of the statement

Everything started from the fact that the deputies of the municipal council of Smolninsky near St. Petersburg turned back to the State Duma from the statements that Putin’s decision about invading Ukraine to harm the security of the Russian state and its citizens. And already the next day, the deputies of the Moscow municipal district Lomonosovskiy published on the site of the district of the war against the Russian dictator, in which they call yoga to drink from the office.

The deputies say that, starting from another Putin term, “everything went wrong”: there was no subwar GDP, the minimum wage did not increase before the statements of the pokazniks, Russia is massively going reasonable and practical people, there is no general stability.

“We, the municipal deputies of Russia, respect that the president V.V. Vimagaemo of the appointment of Volodymyr Putin from the seat of the President of the Russian Federation!” – go to the application.


In the meantime, the St. Petersburg people's protests from the Smolninsky district of nevdovzі after their public statements were taken away from the police, and protocols were filed against them about the discrediting of the Russian army.

“Risks for the signers of such grandiose declarations,” comments Andriy Kolesnikov, a spokesman for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace think tank. — First of all, it’s quiet, who dissatisfied with Putin.”

Warto signify that the deputies took up their manifesto at the last moment of rebuking in the settlement – ahead of the mass elections in the Russian Federation, which took place on 9-11 September. Prote the status of the people's images, having secured this resonance, the voice of the wines. Yakby made such a statement by a group of peasants, who would hardly have known about her.