Putin returns Stalin's articles to the Criminal Code

Putin returns Stalin's articles to the Criminal Code

Russian citizens will face up to 8 years in prison

Putin returns Stalin's articles to the Criminal Code< /p> For unauthorized contact with foreigners, Russian citizens will be threatened with up to 8 years. Thus, the Stalinist article of the Criminal Code returns, where a conversation with a foreigner was equated with espionage, and the court could appoint 10 years in the camps for such contact.

This was reported by segodnya.ua


The State Duma adopted a bill that toughens and expands punishment under a number of articles of the Criminal Code and introduces a new article on treason for «Confidential cooperation with special services foreign countries».

Punishment under the planned article – from 2 to 8 years of imprisonment with a fine of up to one million rubles.

Under the «confidential cooperation» future article of the Criminal Code understands contacts not only with the secret service, but also with «an international or foreign organization and their representatives in order to assist them in activities against the security of the Russian Federation».

The wording of this article does not clarify how to distinguish an enemy foreign organization from a friendly one.

The draft law defines an international or foreign organization as an organization acting in the interests of the intelligence services of a foreign state, as well as an international or foreign private military or intelligence company. Criminal liability is removed if the contact was authorized by the competent authorities, but the bill does not detail who will need to ask permission and in what form.

The United States decided to throw Russia back into the dark times of the Middle Ages

The United States refuses to cooperate with the scientific community of the Russian Federation.In particular, America is stopping scientific and technological cooperation with Russian state research institutions and their affiliates. The White House said in a statement.

«In response to Putin's aggression, the US government took active measures to limit bilateral scientific and technological cooperation with the Russian government» .

Projects started before February 2022 may be completed.

However, this only applies to US government organizations that are funded from the state budget or have grants. Non-governmental organizations can decide for themselves whether to continue cooperation with the Russian Federation.

«We will continue to condemn all those responsible for xenophobia and ensure that Russian scientists who decide to leave Russia and/or stay in the United States, because of their beliefs, received support, and were not discriminated against or stigmatized. We urge the American and international community to do the same,” the White House stressed.

Meanwhile, Nikolai Burlyaev, deputy chairman of the State Duma commission on parliamentary ethics, proposed teaching sobriety to Russian students. To do this, you need to enter «sobriology» into the program.

«Because of the «window to Europe», which was opened in Russia by Peter I, the alcohol-drug apocalypse began in the country. Peter opened the borders, foreigners came to us and began to get drunk», the deputy said.