Putin raises headline for winter and gas – Reuters

Putin raises headline for winter and gas – Reuters

Putin robbed the headline for winter and gas – Reuters

Volodymyr It's time for Putin to start building up the infrastructure for the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation

Moscow in the future potential peaceful area in Kiev wants to fix & #8220; in Ukraine, hardship.

President of Russia Volodymyr Putin believes that cold winters and high gas prices will irritate the lands of Europe to heal Ukraine until the armistice’I am on the minds of Moscow. Proceeding on Wednesday, 24 sick days, reminding Reuters of the support for two Russian dzherel, who know the Kremlin's messages.

Behind these words, the main path to the world, which Moscow is looking at, looking at those who are in Kiev in the negotiations doti, the docks of the Russian occupiers do not leave the territory of Ukraine.

“We have an hour, we can get it. Tse will be an important winter for Europeans. We can watch to protest, bewilderment. Deyakі European leaders can think about those who continue to support Ukraine, and think that the time has come for the operation”, – said dzherelo, close to the Russian government.

Dzherelo, close to the Kremlin, it reminded me that Moscow cares that it can remember the kidnapping of European unity, and points out that this process will speed up on the aphids of winter hardships.

& #8220; So it’s hopeful that stinks (Ukrainians) ask for peace”, – said dzherelo. “Territorial pridbannya”, the whole region of Donbass, as well as Ukraine’s goiter’was to strive for the Viysk neutrality.