Putin proposed to tighten responsibility for the leakage of personal data From IFX

Russian President Vladimir Putin considers it necessary to tighten liability for the leakage of personal data. “Probably, there is a need to toughen responsibility for offenses in this area (digital economy),” the head of state said during a meeting with members of the Human Rights Council (HRC) under the President of the Russian Federation.

Reacting to a speech by one of the members of the Human Rights Council, who spoke in favor of criminal liability and turnover fines in connection with the leakage of personal data, Putin said: “Those who use this data must know and understand that they are using stolen data. That’s right, because even stolen property – a conscientious purchaser does not know that he is buying stolen goods. By analogy, the same thing here. Of course, all this needs to be worked out here.”

The President believes that “it is absolutely necessary to think about this and take timely balanced decisions that will protect the interests of citizens and will not be an obstacle to the development of information technologies that are very necessary for the state.”

Concerning the problem of return stolen funds of citizens as a result of fraud, Putin noted that “certain difficulties exist” here. “Sometimes these funds are stolen or lured from people outwardly by such methods and means, including with the help of modern social technologies, as if a person himself voluntarily gave or even signed something. Here, of course, there is a very thin line of responsibility for what is happening. But no matter how subtle it is, it exists. And in any case, these are fraudulent actions that harm a citizen, violate his rights,” the head of state emphasized.

According to him, ” most banks most often in such cases reimburse citizens for lost funds, but some system must be developed, a common approach to resolving issues of this kind.” “Therefore, the Ministry of Digital Development, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Central Bank will be given appropriate recommendations and instructions,” the president added.


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