Putin is terrified of quarantine in Russia, for him it’s a nightmare

It is clear that Sobyanin in Russia became the second person, his right hand and practically a successor. Medvedev has eliminated.Russia introduces quarantine for a week. Why so few?
Quarantine measures are inevitable, they will have to be supported by force, that is, by the military and the Russian Guard. This is a very dangerous situation that can break the power: the military’s contact with the regional elites is a nightmare for Putin. If stability still means something now, then in a situation of closure of the provinces it becomes an empty phrase. And Putin is afraid of a military coup.

The military in the Russian Federation never played a serious role, realizing the weakness of the army structure itself: the moronism of command, the bad discipline in the troops themselves. But first, the Chechen campaign in two stages, then Syria could theoretically be the source of internal “glue” for the army. For this we need skilled authoritative commanders capable of deploying control in the field. And they appeared precisely after the “shelling” in the Syrian war.

The putschs in the Russian Federation ripened several times, the very first “Rohlinsky”, then “Kvachkovsky”, but these were quite clownish undertakings, like Rutsky’s call to “bomb the Kremlin”: what if they hear. But today or tomorrow, everything can be more serious: practical experience has emerged of “intercepting” civilian control in the Crimea, the Donetck and Lugansk. And the political practice of conducting “discreet” referenda.
I believe that criminal procrastination with quarantine in the Russian Federation is a consequence of Putin’s fear of the inevitable loss of power in the event of a state of emergency in the country. And he has something to be afraid of – Erdogan barely fought back a few years ago! Putin does not want a repeat of the fate of Gaddafi.

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