Putin, immigration, Darmanin, wiretapping… The unbridled outings of Nicolas Sarkozy

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recap' The former President of the Republic was invited to the “20 Hours” of TF1, Wednesday evening, questioned on many current topics < p> Putin, immigration, Darmanin, wiretapping affair… The unbridled outings of Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy, at TF1's “20 Hours”, August 23, 2023. — Screenshot

It’s one of the back-to-school books. This is not a novel, but a political book, that of Nicolas Sarkozy. On this occasion, and to come back to his remarks concerning  particularly the war in Ukraine, the former head of state was the guest. of the JT of TF1, Wednesday evening. A look back at his most resounding statements.

The “serious fault” by Vladimir Putin

The former President of the Republic succeeded in create buzz around his new book Le Temps des combatsby evoking the war in Ukraine and by positioning itself against Kiev’s entry into NATO and the European Union. Asked on this question by Gilles Bouleau, Nicolas Sarkozy persists and signs. He first recalled that he himself had been “Confronted to Putin very brutally” trying to negotiate with the Russian president during “eight hours of extremely violent discussion” leading to the withdrawal of Russian tanks from Georgia.

However, he did not mention of “Putin”s crime”, preferring to point out a “serious misconduct”. “I know he is guilty today in Ukraine,” he said, believing that the war could only be won in two ways: “either you ”antise the opponent either you negotiate.” Nicolas Sarkozy then campaigns to “find a solution that preserves the interests of Ukraine, but that makes people understand that Russia will not move, Putin or not Putin&rdquo ;. And he added: “The issue of bringing Ukraine into NATO will only make the situation worse.” “They say that Putin is Hitler, in which case you have to go and find him at;” Moscow”!”, he comments again.

“”The migration crisis has not started””

Flagship subject of Nicolas Sarkozy’s five-year term and theme that should punctuate the political return of the current government, immigration has also been discussed during the interview. And the former president predicted: “The migration crisis has not started, the worst is yet to come. come because Europe is in demographic decline,” Africa.

Nicolas Sarkozy then presents a new solution to another major topic: “Our destinies are linked, we must help the development of Africa. Immigration cannot continue as it is, we must set up treatment centers in Africa.” “It’s a major topic that causes a lot of concern among the French people. You can say ça and be xenophobic, racist, or far-right,” he argues.

Géald Darmanin at; the Elysée? And why not

He has always known how to remain faithful to his mentor, and Nicolas Sarkozy pays him back. The former head of state is now advertising Gérald Darmanin, someone he “likes a lot”, whose humble origins he “appreciates” ;, as well as the fact that it “hasn’t been formatted by the big schools like so many others” As to whether he will one day be a candidate, as rumors have been going around lately, “he will decide”, replies Nicolas Sarkozy. “Will he ever be elected? It’s in such a long time,” he adds.

And if Gérald Darmanin, could, in the eyes of Nicolas Sarkozy, act as a bulwark against Marine Le Pen, he nevertheless wants to make things clear. For him, it’s “unbearable to reproach the National Rally for not being within the framework of the Republic”. “I don’t like this systematic trial of the extreme right, the illegitimacy trial. seems unfair and insulting to the millions of people who vote for [Marine Le Pen] », he continues.

“I didn’t hijack a penny”

It’s not only’’ the literary comeback that Nicolas Sarkozy is making people talk about. The former President of the Republic is often in the newspapers, at; the legal section. Prosecuted in numerous cases, convicted; in some, notably those of the plays… In May 2023, he was condemned on appeal to three years in prison, one of which is closed under electronic surveillance and three years of deprivation of civil rights, before appealing to the Court of Cassation. Again on Wednesday evening, he proclaims his innocence, saying that if his power is rejected, he will go to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). “I am a litigant who is not above the law but who is not below”, justifies Nicolas Sarkozy.

“I didn’t hijack a penny, I was checked, nothing has been done. found. It’s a long road, it’s a test, I won’t bow my head for something I didn’t do, I’t betray the French,” -il.

“Vincent Bolloré does honor to; the French economy”

No reason for Nicolas Sarkozy not to respond favorably to an interview with JDD. On the contrary. For the former president, the acquisition of the Lagardère group by Vincent Bolloré and the arrival of Geoffroy Lejeune at the head of the new format of the Sunday weekly is good news for journalism. “Are we not allowed to have a committed newspaper? center right? In France not everyone is on the left. I am for pluralism,” he argues. Geoffroy Lejeune is from the far-right newspaper Valeurs Actualités.

“I deplore the witchcraft trials for the new director of the JDD or the new owner of the Lagardère group. [Vincent Bolloré] for whom I have affection, who is a credit to the French economy”,” he adds.