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Putin denounces dangerous Western monopoly on AI

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by Sberbank CEO and Chairman of the Board German Gref, visits an exhibition as part of AI Journey 2023, an international conference on artificial intelligence, in Moscow, November 24.

Agence France-Presse

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Voice synthesis, based on artificial intelligence, allows you to generate spoken text from written text.

In the midst of the global race for artificial intelligence (AI), Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced on Friday the “monopolistic domination” of Westerners over these new technologies, tools that, according to him, “erase Russian culture.”

Some Western search engines, so to speak, as well as some generative models, often operate in a very selective and biased manner, and do not take into account, and sometimes even simply ignore and erase, Russian culture, Vladimir Putin said during #x27;an AI forum in Moscow.

Domination monopolistic control of these foreign developments in Russia is unacceptable, dangerous and inadmissible.

A quote from Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

In recent months, the Russian president has called on his government, large domestic companies and the Russian scientific community to join efforts to develop national programs that can compete with the tools of #x27;Western artificial intelligence such as the American chatbot ChatGPT.

But the launch of its army's offensive in Ukraine in February 2022, then the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists the following fall, pushed thousands of highly qualified employees from high-tech sectors technologies and IT from abroad, abandoning the national market.

In parallel with the military offensive in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has in recent years initiated an ultraconservative cultural shift in Russia, directly opposing the ideals defended in the West.

Faced with the radical changes brought about by the arrival of AI in the economy, the Russian head of state on Friday urged Russian companies to remain the vanguard of technological advances, despite the delay already accumulated.

A government plan for a national strategy for the development of technology ;AI will soon be presented, he also announced.

Last April, Sber, one of the Russian leaders in new technologies, launched its own conversational robot, joining the global race for these tools created from AI.

In September, the jewel of Russian high technology , Yandex, launched YandexGPT 2, the latest version of its chatbot.

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