Putin could enter Europe if not for NATO – Biden

Putin could enter Europe if not for NATO – Biden

Putin could have entered Europe if not for NATO - Biden

Inhabitant The Kremlin does not plan to stop only in Ukraine, and if NATO did not react, war and chaos would threaten the whole of Europe.

According to RBC-Ukraine, President Biden said this in an interview with the Associated Press, explaining that despite political risks and a blow to the American economy, the United States had to confront Russian aggression on the territory of Ukraine.

“But the option of doing nothing was even worse. If he invaded Ukraine and took control of it, like Belarus, which has already happened, it would become a threat to NATO, and it could all be much worse,” the president said.

According to the president United States, Russia's military aggression could threaten chaos in Europe.

“You have already seen what they are doing in Belarus. What would happen to neighboring countries. Look what would happen to Poland, the Czech Republic and other NATO members. By the way, Putin named one of the reasons why he started it that he did not want them to join NATO. He wanted such a Finnishization of NATO. And he received "NATO_ization" Finland",– Biden noted.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich