Pushkov called the Mask project for the delivery of earthlings on Mars is a triumph of PR over reason

Senator of the Russian Federation Alexei Pushkov unflattering comments about the project space head of Space X Elon musk. Russian statesman called the program for the delivery of earthlings to Mars “a triumph of PR over reason”.

Пушков назвал проект Маска по доставке землян на Марс торжеством пиара над разумом

Pushkov doubts that spaceships Mask will be able to transport people and equipment to the Red planet. Even in the case of delivery to Mars will arrive dead or crazy, says the Russian Senator. Pushkov believes that due to prolonged space travel, people will lose touch with reality, undermine health, including mental and therefore the project Mask does not make sense. The reason for this zeal on Mars and the regular missile launch company Space X, the Senator called the personal ambitions of an engineer and entrepreneur.

In Texas on may 29 during testing of the prototype spacecraft Starship, an explosion occurred due to leakage of combustible methane powerplant Raptor. For the fourth time this test fail. The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, criticized the proposal Mask a nuclear strike on Mars. Deputy Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation said that in this idea lies the desire to bring atomic weapons into space.

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