Purslane DT analyzed Wednesday's final against Tolima. 

Purslane DT analyzed Wednesday's final against Tolima. 

Hernán Darío Herrera feels happy, he is excited because his team, Nacional, is going to play in the League final. Before the first leg match against Tolima, the DT analyzed what he expects from his squad to win the title.

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Rival: “First time I'm going to faces Tolima, it's complicated, a great team. Hernán knows him, handles him well. I know what he is. We've worked to counteract them and let's see if he comes out. They are very strong offensively and defensively”.

His ending in 2005 to today:“I see myself stronger, more mature, with a great team. A great team, without underestimating Real Cartagena. I see myself different, happier.”

Herrera champion as a player with Zubeldía: “Nacional is always what they see now. Always in finals, with a full stadium, people here support a lot. I'm calm about managing this team, one's aspiration is to win the title. I have a very good group. Before it was a family and that is now. People say no, but this National yes, this National is going to be very hard.”

The DT Purslane analyzed Wednesday's final against Tolima. 

4-2 or 4-1-4-1: “We need to win , We are at home, with caution. With care. The structures… I have the team available, Nelson Palacios expelled, the rest, all concentrated. Tomorrow I will decide the structure”.

Play nice or win?If Nacional paid me to play nice, I play nice. Nacional needs a title, and how do you win? I want to be like Real Madrid, win. Going back to the DNA later will happen. I want to raise the cup, if Tolima was superior, then I congratulate him, but let the cup be here.”

His work: “I have a very good working group. They welcomed me very well. We put things into it, the tactical. I accommodated structures, some hit me, others didn't.”

Torres: “I faced him, and he hasn't changed, aggressive, sometimes passive. That's how he was as a goalkeeper, he was a leader, he shouted, he said everything “.

Gio Moreno: “I already have Gio available, now we will talk and see. Thank God, Gio has been very good for the group. He has given up. Tomorrow we'll see if he plays as a starter.”

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