Pugacheva was threatened with “draining” compromising evidence

Pugacheva was threatened with “draining” compromising evidence

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 Pugacheva was threatened with

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Russian journalist Anton Krasovsky, who supports the policies of Russian President Putin, threatened to reveal “shocking facts” about the life of the singer Alla Pugacheva, if she starts speaking out against the war.

Earlier, she stated that she would start talking if her husband Maxim Galkin was prosecuted for his position.

"I heard:"If they start a case against Maxim, then I will start talking and will not stop. She, of course, is not a fighter, she does not think of herself as a public figure. She has the position of empathy for a woman who cares about people, – gallery owner Marat Gelman retold the words of the Prima Donna.

Journalist Krasovsky commented on his words.

what", – Krasovsky said in the Antonyms program.

“Alla Borisovna, tell us how you asked your boss for money for an anniversary, and he showed you your casino bills,” – he threatened Pugacheva.

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