Puerto Ricans and Dominicans after the “Interclub Reciprocity Cup” in blue marlin fishing

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  • Puerto Ricans and Dominicans after the “Copa Interclubes Reciprocidad” in blue marlin fishing

    Danny Medina, director of the traditional fishing tournament .

Under the motto “fellowship first” The thirty-first edition of the International Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament, organized by the Santo Domingo Nautical Club with the participation of fishermen from Puerto Rico and Venezuela, began this Thursday. The event is directed by Danny Medina.

During the opening act, Commodore Héctor Duval the camaraderie and brotherhood among the participants and success to all. “A great day awaits us, but a lot of fellowship awaits us, a lot of joy and a lot of sharing,” he stressed. 

The commodore of the Club Náutico de San Juan, Mr. Carlos Ramírez, thanked On behalf of its associates, the usual welcome from the hosts. For his part, Horacio Read, president of the Committee of Fishing, expressed that “once we are happy to receive you in our house”.

Danny Medina closed the opening words wishing everyone good fishing and emphasizing that “the most important thing is to share”.

Prior to the words, the act counted. with the religious blessing, so as well as with the presence of representatives of the Navy of the Dominican Republic, among them the Captains of the Navy Moisés Reyes Naveo and Juan Suazo Melenciano, representing the Commander General, Vice Admiral Francisco Antonio Sosa Castillo. In addition, the Lieutenant Commanders Juan Antonio Lorenzo Morillo and Ramón Bencosme Candelier were present. Last commander of the Cabeza de Toro detachment.

First releases

Veteran Charles Donato in boat Angela a blue marlin released for the first 300 points of the tournament. Claudio Espinal followed in Isabela; Carlos León (San Elías), Guilly Barlía (Sisu); Manolo Matienzo (Sisu), Alfonso Khoury (Isabela), Rafael Brenes (Lisa), Lucas Costa (Lisa), Juan Martínez in Idia-E; Pedro Mella in Seaguapa and Carlos Peña in the Vitamin Sea boat. These releases took place until noon on Friday.

 It competes in two categories of boats: Class A and Club. For the first time it will be disputed the “Copa Interclubes Reciprocidad”, between the Club Náutico de San Juan and the Dominican host. The CNSD rotating trophy will be awarded in the category of Club boats to the fisherman who obtains the highest score. 

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