Published list of liberated settlements

Published list of liberated settlements

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 List of liberated settlements published

The list of liberated settlements has been published. Shchurovka has also been added to the list of liberated villages, according to the latest DeepStateMAP map, but this needs to be verified.

Shevchenkove is already under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, according to Telegram- channels of Russians.

"Nash Yar Volokhov",– guys from the front line write.

Russian TG channels are very worried that Ukrainian troops may already be 2 kilometers from Kupyansk.

The village of Ivanovka in the Kharkiv region is under control The Ukrainian Armed Forces, the guys say, are waiting for confirmation from the General Staff.

In total, about two dozen settlements were liberated, and Ukrainian troops broke 50 kilometers into the enemy defenses.

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