Published a new Ukrainian spy Thriller trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Argument

Вышел новый украинский трейлер шпионского боевика Кристофера Нолана Довод

After the presentation of the first frame Studio Warner Bros. published a new trailer of the film “the Argument” (Tenet, in Ukrainian. – Snare) directed by Christopher Nolan (“the Dark knight”, “Inception”).

The main role in the film will play John David Washington. Also the film will be Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Kenneth Branagh.

The film tells about the world of espionage, but details of the plot have not been disclosed.

According to Christopher Nolan, the film many large scale productions, scenes are expected in seven countries, and will also be a cool cast and some serious scenery. Even the Director called the film “ambitious”.

Premiere in Ukraine scheduled for 16 July 2020.

We add that the premiere of the new trailer took place in the game Fortnite.

Recall that the Ukrainian cinema chain opened the sale of certificates are for future sessions.

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