Public transport is proposed to be made free by 2035

Public transport is proposed to be made free by 2035

Public transport is proposed to be made free by 2035

The draft transport strategy, which is now being finalized, includes proposals to introduce free travel on public transport simultaneously with the introduction of tolls on all roads for car owners, the Ministry of Transport said on Friday.

According to media reports, the new version of the strategy to make public transport free of charge is proposed by 2035. At the same time, from 2025 it is planned to start charging for trips on regional roads, and from 2035 – “from all categories of road users,” including those on the territory of urban agglomerations, Izvestia writes.

Residents are advised to use buses and the metro instead of private cars, residents of small settlements – to change vehicles to bicycles and scooters.

The ministry generally confirms this information, but they say that the possibility of introducing a “user pays” mechanism, in which travel on the roads became toll for motorists, was discussed before.

“The draft transport strategy considered and basically approved at the government meeting contained proposals for the introduction of a user-pays mechanism, which provides for the transition to pay by 2035 for all categories of road users, including the road network of urban agglomerations,” the Ministry of Transport commented.

From the end of February 2020, public transport in Luxembourg has become free. This is the first time in Europe that an initiative has been launched nationwide. Usually such measures are taken within individual cities. At the same time, travel is often made free of charge only on certain types of transport (for example, buses).

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