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Public transportation: price freeze ahead of time ;seen in 2024 in Toronto

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Subway fares in Toronto must be frozen next year, according to the budget adopted by the Transport Commission (CTT).


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Good news for public transit users in Toronto: the 2024 budget adopted by the Transit Commission (CTT) provides for a freeze prices next year and slight service improvements.

The CTT recognizes that current economic conditions have an impact on users, says the Commission in a press release, to justify the freezing of prices.

This year , fares had increased by 10 cents per passage.

The 2024 operating budget of $2.6 billion for the CTT and the Wheel-Trans service for people with reduced mobility also anticipates that the level of service will increase from 95% to 97% of what it was previously. it was before the pandemic, by September 2024, to respond to increased traffic.

The budget also contains investments of 28 million for security, following the assistance provided by the province in this regard.

I am committed to supporting frequent, safe and affordable service for Torontonians. This budget contains improvements in all these chapters, said Mayor Olivia Chow in a press release.

With this budget, I am convinced that we can begin to return to pre-pandemic levels of service, while building a foundation for further improvements, adds CTT President Jamaal Myers.

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The budget also provides investments for the maintenance of the old metro trains of line 2.

It is now up to the municipal council to approve the budget of the CTT, which depends on municipal subsidies.

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